Big Church Festival

Big Church Festival

16 Episodes

Faith and Jen are back to bring you the highlights from Big Church Festival. Join in the fun, games, interviews, and music.

Big Church Festival
  • Travis Greene & The Abrams

    Episode 1

    Introduction to this year's Big Church Festival 2022. Featuring music and interviews with Travis Greene, the Abrams, and the Kids Cam meet the Cheeky Pandas.

  • Rend Collective & Dire Pitan

    Episode 2

    Music and interviews including Rend Collective joining Faith and Jen in the studio, Sharlene speaking to Dire Pitan at the Tom's Stage, and Taylor meets Emmanuel at the Illuminate stage.

  • Jonathan & Melissa Helser

    Episode 3

    Wonderful worship with Jonathan and Melissa Helser on the mainstage and a great interview with Faith Child and Jen. Taylor also catches up with DJ Shunz and the kids speak to ISingPop!

  • Dani Miché, Lecrae, & Travis Greene

    Episode 4

    An interview and performance with Dani Miché at the Tom's Stage, Lecrae drops into the Studio Truck for a chat with Faith and Jen, and more music from Travis Green at the Main Stage. Plus the Kids Cam meet Superbook and some spoken word from Kimba.

  • Tina Boonstra & Dante Bowe

    Episode 5

    Music and interviews with Tina Boonstra on the Illuminate Stage and Dante Bowe on the Main Stage.

  • The Brilliance & Elle Limebear

    Episode 6

    Interview and performances from The Brilliance at the Garden Stage and Elle Limebear on the Main Stage. Plus Taylor catches up with Galactus Jack.

  • Casting Crowns & Brian Houston

    Episode 7

    Casting Crowns worship on the mainstage and catch up with Faith Child and Jen to talk about their music. Brian Houston sings on Tom Stage and shares his testimony with Shalene Monique. The kids take a ride on the helter skelter!

  • Elle Limebear, Saintz, & Pat Barrett

    Episode 8

    Music from Elle Limebear, Jennifer Kamikazi chats to Sharlene-Monique and sings at Tom's Stage, Saintz drop in for an interview and perform on the Illuminate Stage, and Pat Barrett joins Faith Child and Jennifer in the studio before his appearance on the Main Stage.

  • Rachel Jane & Lion of Judah

    Episode 9

    Sharlene-Monique catches up with Rachel Jane singing at Tom's Stage, Taylor interviews happy campers, and Lion of Judah chat to Faith and Jen in the studio and perform their set on the Main Stage.

  • Judah Ball & Riley Clemmons & Our Atlantic Roots

    Episode 10

    Faith Child and Jenn hear from Riley Clemmons about her first time at the festival. Sharlene Monique chats with Judah Ball at Tom's Stage and Our Atlantic Roots at the Garden Stage!

  • Volney Morgan and Joshua Luke Smith

    Episode 11

    Featuring Volney Morgan on the garden stage, and an interview and main stage performance from Joshua Luke Smith.

  • Casting Crowns, Triple O, Bean Baker, Matt Maher, and the Helsers

    Episode 12

    Main stage performances from Casting Crowns and Jonathan and Melissa Helser. Sharlene-Monique catches us with Bean Baker before his set on the Tom's Stage. Music and chat from Triple O at the Illuminate Stage, and Faith and Jen interview with Matt Maher.

  • Drakeford & Lin D

    Episode 13

    Drakeford chat to Sharlene-Monique before performing at the Garden Stage, Taylor challenges campers to some fun and games in the expo tent, and Faith and Jen interview Lin D ahead of their Main Stage set.

  • Sarah Teibo & Martin Smith

    Episode 14

    Interviews Sarah Teibo and Martin Smith, with music from Sarah at Tom's Stage and Martin on the Main Stage.

  • Dante Bowe, SoulBox, & Jeremy Camp

    Episode 15

    Dante Bowe at Big Church Festival, Faith Child and Jen catch up with SoulBox for a chat and some games, and Jeremy Camp drops in for an interview and performs on the main stage.

  • Limoblaze, Sophia Thakur & Matt Redman.

    Episode 16

    The kids sample the amazing festival food! Faith Child and Jen chat with Limoblaze about Afrobeats and faith. We hear spoken word from Sophia Thakur and Matt Redman takes to the mainstage!