The LORD Your God

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13 Episodes

Episode 10

Episode 10.

Episode 10

Episode 10.

Episode 10

Episode 10.

Christ the Rock

Dr Steve, Dr Paul, and Dr Sunhil complete their study of Deuteronomy, focusing on the theme of building our lives upon Jesus.

Life or Death

Steve, Paul and Sunhil discuss why did Moses teach the Israelites the Law? and why do we read it today?

His Special People

Dr Steve Nichols along with guests Herman Allen, Dr Paul Blackham, and Dr Sunhil Raheja talk about how the Israelites were warned not to waste what God has given them.

Put Away Evil

In today’s study Dr Steve Nichols and guests Dr Paul Blackham, and Dr Sunhil Raheja, learn how our lives can be ordered and have an integrity that honours the Lord.

Walk in His Ways

Steve Nichols and guests think about what it means to be God’s people – to walk in God’s ways and why turning away from our sin means turning to the Lord.

Learn to Fear

In Deuteronomy chapter 15 - God talks money! Dr. Steve Nichols, Dr. Paul Blackham and Dr. Sunil Raheja discuss how God gives clear instructions for the people of God to clear debts and give to the poor.

Fear the Lord

Dr Steve Nichols is joined by Dwaine Morgan, Dr Paul Blackham and Dr Sunil Raheja as they discuss why was the Ark of the Covenant was at the heart of the ancient church of Israel.

Do Not Forget

Dr Steve Nichols, Dr Paul Blackham, Dr Sunil Raheja and worship pastor Dwaine Morgan, studyt Deuteronomy 7-9, discussing making God our passion.

Love the Lord

Drs Steve Nichols, Paul Blackham, Sunil Raheja and Dawn Carew-Smith discuss their thoughts on the next three chapters in this Bible Study series, looking at Deuteronomy 4-6.

The LORD Your God

Dr. Steve Nichols is joined by Dr. Paul Blackham, Dr. Sunil Raheja and Dr. Dawn Carew-Smith introducing the series on Deuteronomy, delving into the first 3 chapters.