Love Always

Series 1 Season 4 Episodes

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4 Episodes

Victor and Henrietta Thompson

Season 1 Episode 3 1h Fri 01 Mar 19:00

Victor and Henrietta Thompson open up about the sacrifices, compromises, and profound moments that has shaped their relationship into a testament of God's love.

Triumph & Oscar Guobadia

Season 1 Episode 2 1h Fri 23 Feb 19:00

Pastors Triumph & Oscar Guobadia, share how God brought them together and their top tips for keeping the love alive in their marriage.

Nicky & Pippa Gumbel

Season 1 Episode 1 1h Fri 16 Feb 19:00

Nicky & Pippa Gumbel, pioneers of the Alpha course and former ministers of HTB, share their love story and their journey of friendship, marriage and faith.

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Season 1 1m

Love Always shares the ups, the downs, and the keys to lasting love - this new TBN UK series starts on Friday 16th February, or watch now on YouTube