Church Without Walls

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28 Episodes

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Episode 31.

Episode 31

Episode 31.

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Episode 30.

Episode 30

Episode 30.

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Episode 29.

Episode 29

Episode 29.

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Episode 28.

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Episode 26.

The Goodness of God

Pastor Mervat invites us to rely on the righteousness of God and cast our worries unto Him.

The Way, The Truth and The Life

Pastor Sameh encourages us to keep asking and seeking and knocking on the door to find God.

God of Transformations

Pastor Sameh looks at Psalm 30 and how God can turn our lives around, from mourning into dancing.

Do Not Be Afraid

Pastor Petra talks how Jesus' advice to His disciples is still relevant to us as disciples today.

Divine Law

Pastor Mervat looks at the lies the enemy tells us to try and lead us away from God's truth.

Fortresses of Division

Pastor Sameh talks about the walls that need to fall to avoid discord and preudice amongst the Church.

Yielding To God

Samuel Benjamin asks what does it mean to yield to God? and how much blessing do we receive when we submit to God's will?

Fortresses of Religiosity

Pastor Sameh preaches on how we, the church, need to destory the the walls that the enemy has built up in our minds, and amongst the body of Christ.

Sensitive to God's Voice

Are we desensitised to the voice of God? Petra Benjamin speaks on Simeon at the dedication of Jesus Christ. Living Water Arabic Church lead us in worship and prayer.

Revival of the Last Days

Pastor Sameh Metry talks about the Asbury Revival and how in the last days there will be a revival of both the Holy Spirit, and God's Word.

Speaking God's Word

Living Water Arabic Church lead us in prayer and worship with a message from Mervat Metry about declaring God word over our lives.

The Moving of the Lord

Worship and prayer from Living Water Arabic Church. Pastor Samuel speaks on how God has the power to change any and every situation.


Pastor Mervat speaks on how we can love others with the love of Christ, and fulfil the greatest commandment of Jesus.


Pastor Samuel talks about why faith can be difficult and why we are called to believe.

Waiting on God

Petra Benjamin speaks into the topic of waiting on God's promises

Church, the Bride of Christ

Worship, prayer and praise from Living Water Arabic Church. Rev Sameh preachers on Isaiah 60.

Coming Home

Living Water Arabic Church lead us in prayer and worship and encourage us with how God has adopted us into His family and His children.

Prayerful Church

Worship and prayers of thanks, plus teaching on the topic of what makes prayer meaningful.

Identity in Christ

Living Water Arabic Church lead us in prayers for the new generation and Pastor Petra preaches on 1 Peter 2:4-12 and how we identify as a follower of Christ.

Church Without Walls

Worship, prayer, and teaching from Living Water Arabic church