Voice of Healing

Voice of Healing

3 Seasons

A brand new series of spirit-led preaching and teaching, accompanied by prayer and live word of knowledge hosted by Gery Malanda, the senior leader of House of Prayer for All Nations Europe (HOPFAN).

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Voice of Healing
  • The Army of the Lord

    Episode 1

    Gery Malanda introduce a new series looking at spiritual warfare.

  • Moving as the Army of the Lord

    Episode 2

    Gery further breaks down the topic of the Army of the Lord, by looking at the power of the cross and the resurrection.

  • The Helmet of Salvation

    Episode 3

    Gery teaches on the armour of the Lord, starting with the helmet of salvation.

  • Wearing the Helmet

    Episode 4

    Gery continues the teaching on the armour of God with a deeper look at the helmet of salvation.

  • The Breastplate of Righteousness

    Episode 5

    Brother Gery teaches on the next part of the armour of God, the breastplate of righteousness.

  • Guard Your Heart

    Episode 6

    Brother Gery teaches further on the need for the breastplate of righteousness.

  • The Belt of Truth

    Episode 34

    Christ is the truth. Gery Malanda unpacks the reasons why we need to be girded with the infallible Word of God.

  • Wearing the Belt of Truth

    Episode 8

    Brother Gery continues to dissect the belt of truth - looking at how the written Word of God is the truth.

  • The Shield of Faith

    Episode 9

    God gives us heavenly armour of pure gold to defend us against the enemy. Gery Malanda shares how faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

  • How to Wear the Shield

    Episode 10

    Find out what God says about your life with Gery Malanda and how we can act upon our understanding of the Word of God.

  • The Sword of the Spirit

    Episode 11

    Gery Malanda invites us to see in the spirit realm and to hear God's voice of truth, the sword of the Spirit.

  • Using the Sword of the Spirit

    Episode 12

    The Word of God is a lamp to our feet. Brother Gery encourages us to act diligently on God's Word and obey the Holy Spirit.

  • The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

    Episode 13

    We have glad tidings to bring to people. Gery Malanda invites us to study the scriptures so that we can be ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ at any time.

  • Wearing the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace

    Episode 14

    God desires reconciliation. Gery Malanda speaks on what Jesus had to say about family and divorce.

  • Praying in the Spirit

    Episode 15

    We have the keys to stand up to powers and principalities that come against us. Gery Malanda explores how praying in tongues is a powerful weapon of spiritual warfare.

  • How to Pray in the Spirit

    Episode 16

    Prayer should be based on the Word of God. Gery Malanda explains how we can sing in tongues and also pray with the interpretation of tongues.

  • The Holy Communion - the Bread

    Episode 17

    Gery Malanda explores why Jesus Christ's body was broken for our sin and the way bread represents this and how healing comes when we take communion.

  • Why the Body was Broken

    Episode 18

    Gery Malanda explores the ways in which Jesus' was tortured and broken for our inequities and the significance of what he went through, in line with God's Word.

  • The Holy Communion – The Wine  

    Episode 19

    God poured out His judgement on His son on the cross. Gery Malanda explores the significance of living under the blood of Jesus Christ and what is means.

  • The Power of the Wine

    Episode 20

    Jesus' blood speaks on our behalf. Gery Malanda looks at what this means and breaking generational curses in our life.