TBN Presents: Rachel Hughes

TBN Presents: Rachel Hughes

5 Episodes

Rachel explores the impact that shame can have on our lives and the freedom Jesus models for us through the life of Peter.

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TBN Presents: Rachel Hughes
  • And Peter


    Pastor Rachel asks us to think about the word "shame" as she teaches on Mark 14.

  • Positioned & Commissioned

    Episode 2

    Rachel uses the story of Esther to tell us that we have been positioned and commissioned for such a time as this.

  • Life in Seasons

    Episode 3

    Rachel looks at the different seasons in our lives and beyond the current season we may be in.

  • Rock the Boat

    Episode 4

    Rachel emplores the church to live lives that are mission-ready

  • Deepest Joy

    Episode 5

    Rachel looks at the spiritual gifts we get from living in step with the Holy Spirit.