TBN Presents: Jonathan Conrathe

TBN Presents: Jonathan Conrathe

4 Episodes

We need a new breakthrough of the Kingdom of God in our nation at this time. In this four-part series, Jonathan Conrathe urges us to embrace a fresh confidence in the Gospel, to realise the authority we have in Christ to represent Him in our world, to live in the freedom of forgiveness, and demonstrate the miracle working power of God with faith and compassion.

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TBN Presents: Jonathan Conrathe
  • The Power of The Gospel

    Episode 1

    Evangelist Jonathan encourages us that it is the time for a restoration of confidence in the power of the Gospel

  • The Authority of the Believer

    Episode 2

    Jonathan Conrathe encourages us to really embracing our identity and authority in Christ to release God’s power & presence in our world.

  • The Freedom of Forgiveness

    Episode 3

    A new season, a new day, and we need to embrace the joy of our forgiveness in Christ, and the liberty of forgiving others as God has forgiven us so that we can run our race well and fulfil the destiny He has called us to.

  • The Power of The Spirit

    Episode 4

    Jonathan Conrathe invites us to represent Jesus authentically in our world. We need the character and the charisma of Christ in our lives; the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit. This begins when we come with a thirsty believing heart to Jesus and receive the empowering of His Spirit.