Voice of Healing

Voice of Healing

3 Seasons

A brand new series of spirit-led preaching and teaching, accompanied by prayer and live word of knowledge hosted by Gery Malanda, the senior leader of House of Prayer for All Nations Europe (HOPFAN).

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Voice of Healing
  • The Voice in the Wilderness

    Episode 1

    Gery Malanda introduces a new series of talks about the healing power of God, starting with how we can prepare for revival.

  • Trinity - part 1

    Episode 2

    Gery Malanda teaches on the three persons of God: Father, Son, and Spirit.

  • Trinity - part 2

    Episode 3

    Gery continues his teaching on the topic of the tripartite God: God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

  • Olive Tree - part 1

    Episode 4

    Brother Gery looks at the significance of the olive tree in relation to our triune God.

  • Olive Tree - part 2

    Episode 5

    Brother Gery, continues the second part of his teaching about the olive tree, with us as the branches of the triune God.

  • Christ the Branch - part 1

    Episode 6

    Gery Malanda teachs us about how Christ equips His believers by branching out to us like an olive vine

  • Christ the Branch - part 2

    Episode 7

    Brother Gery explains how Christ physically manifested himself to live amongst us give us the example of how it means to live with our triune God.

  • The Anointing - part 1

    Episode 8

    Brother Gery Malanda from HOPFAN, teaches on the topic of anointing of the Holy Ghost.

  • The Anointing - part 2

    Brother Gery continues his teaching on the anointing, looking at how we can pray for the anointing to flow.

  • Light of the World - part 1

    Episode 10

    Brother Gery teaches on how followers of Jesus do not walk in darkness.

  • Light of the World - part 2

    Episode 11

    Brother Gery continues his teaching on Christ as the light of the world, looking at the parable of the ten virgins.

  • The Ten Lepers - part 1

    Episode 12

    Gery looks at the story of the healing of the ten lepers and what it symbolises for us today.

  • The Ten Lepers - part 2

    Episode 13

    Gery Malanda continues his teaching on the healing of the ten lepers and how it relates to us being healed today.

  • The Goodness of the Lord - part 1

    Episode 14

    Brother Gery introduces the final topic in the current series, God is good - rather than being harsh and austere as some characterise him as.

  • The Goodness of the Lord - part 2

    Episode 15

    Gery Malanda concludes the current series by looking at how God demonstrates His love and goodness to the unsaved.