Transforming Life

Transforming Life

18 Episodes

Join Anthony Delaney, Leader of the Ivy network of churches, for a chance to discover, develop and deploy all God put inside you - to live a life of faith not fear.

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Transforming Life
  • Show Us What You're Made Of

    Episode 1

    Who is the real me that nobody can see? Anthony Delaney, Leader of the Ivy network of churches, introduces us to himself and the series beginning with discovering who we really are, on the inside.

  • Fitness - God & Your Bod

    Episode 2

    How does keeping fit have anything to do with God? Anthony Delaney, speaks about how we can look after the body God gave us.

  • The Balancing Act

    Episode 3

    Why is balancing the books important? Anthony Delaney takes a look at practical ways we can get a good grip of our finances with God as our financial adviser.

  • What's Most Important

    Episode 4

    What is our top priority? Anthony Delaney speaks about what God want us to prioritise.

  • There But For The Grace Of God

    Episode 5

    Nobody is perfect. Anthony Delaney explores how can we fail successfully and not internalize our imperfections.

  • Friends - Who's Your Best Friend?

    Episode 6

    God designed us to be in communion with one another. Anthony Delaney shows us how important it is to have good friends around us.

  • Christmas Joy

    Episode 7

    Feel like we are living in a world that is mourning? Anthony Delaney examines the hope Emmanuel, God with us, brings.

  • Father - Who's Your Daddy?

    Episode 7

    What do we think of when we think of 'Father'? Anthony Delaney explores what God is really like as our Father.

  • When Jesus Comes To Your House

    Episode 8

    The Lord looks at the heart. Anthony Delaney examines the exceptional transformation in the life of tax collector Zacchaeus, after he encountered Jesus.

  • Directions For Life - Part 1

    Episode 10

    Ever think how did I end up here? Anthony Delaney looks at how we can plan and look ahead and prevent going on a path of no return.

  • Directions For Life - Part 2

    Episode 11

    Our decisions link together and determine our destination. Anthony Delaney, encourages us to wisely consider what we sow and reap.

  • Epic
    Episode 12


    Episode 12

    What chapter of life are we in? Anthony Delaney explains how life changes when we get down on our knees before Jesus.

  • Kingdom Mathematics

    Episode 13

    Where do we go to get answers to the big questions of life? Anthony Delaney delves into the story of Nicodemus going to Jesus for answers.

  • Parable Of Talents - Opportunity

    Episode 14

    How can we make the most in life? Anthony Delaney reminds us to begin with the end in mind.

  • Moses And Jethro

    Episode 15

    Want to be a better leader? Anthony Delaney looks at the most famous leader in the Old Testament, Moses.

  • Solomon And Sheba

    Episode 16

    Every played the game 'Would you Rather?' Anthony Delaney studies the decisions of King Solomon and the questions of the Queen of Sheba.

  • Gideon
    Episode 17


    Episode 17

    The call to leadership is a call to courage. Anthony Delaney explores the story of Gideon and how he became a leader, even when he never expected it.

  • Pick Your Fights

    Episode 18

    Ever chosen the wrong battle to fight in? Anthony Delaney speaks on how we can accelerate to do what we were made to do and meant to do.