TBN Presents: Tom Rawls

TBN Presents: Tom Rawls

4 Episodes

These messages represent the heart of our church for the world around us. In our desire to reach people for Jesus, we need a spirit and attitude that will allow us to begin meaningful conversations.

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TBN Presents: Tom Rawls
  • Judging Others


    Tom Rawls, pastor of Proclaimers, talks about how we can reach people where they are at.

  • In the World But Not of the World

    Episode 2

    Pastor Tom speaks about how we as Christians are different to the rest of the world.

  • Conversations

    Episode 3

    Pastor Tom teaches on the importance of sharing our faith by the way we talk to people.

  • Dream Just A Little Bigger

    Episode 4

    Pastor Tom challenges us to work at our dreams to look to the Holy Spirit to energise us.