TBN Presents: RT Kendall

TBN Presents: RT Kendall

30 Episodes

‘Total Forgiveness’ shows how we can know when we have truly forgiven, and so know the joy and freedom that naturally follows’.

TBN Presents: RT Kendall
  • Throne Of Grace

    Episode 1

    On His book: ‘Total Forgiveness’ shows how we can know when we have truly forgiven, and so know the joy and freedom that naturally follows’.

  • Gods Chastening

    Episode 2

    On His book: ‘Total Forgiveness’ shows how we can know when we have truly forgiven, and so know the joy and freedom that naturally follows’.

  • Jesus Christ The Same

    Episode 3

    On His book: ‘Total Forgiveness’ shows how we can know when we have truly forgiven, and so know the joy and freedom that naturally follows’.

  • Total Forgiveness: An Introduction

    Episode 4

    RT Kendall give an introduction to the topic of forgiveness. He shares on what it means, why it’s so hard, and why it’s so important. Can we forgive in our deepest pain?

  • Total Forgiveness: Proof Of Forgiveness

    Episode 5

    RT Kendall continues the series. He shows that when we are able to sincerely ask God to forgive those who have hurt us or our loved ones, we can know we have forgiven. This is an ongoing choice to do what Jesus did, and to be honest with God.

  • Total Forgiveness: Prayer and Forgiveness

    Episode 6

    Prayer is a powerful way to change people’s lives. It can also fuel our forgiveness. RT Kendall shares stories from his life and encourages us on this topic.

  • Total Forgiveness: When To Speak Up

    Episode 7

    Holding on to bitterness is really harmful to us. RT Kendall explains when we should speak up about being wronged, and who we should speak to. He also explores whether forgiveness means accepting the person’s behaviour.

  • Total Forgiveness: Because We Are Forgiven

    Episode 8

    RT Kendall discusses the idea that when we have been forgiven of all our wrongdoing, we should offer the same grace to others. He uses stories from the Bible and his own life to illustrate this grace.

  • Total Forgiveness: Wanting Justice

    Episode 9

    What happens when we want someone to pay for what they did, or at least apologise? RT Kendall explores the topic of vindication and how we can deal with not receiving it.

  • Total Forgiveness: Disagreeing With Others

    Episode 10

    RT Kendall explores whether we can be godly without forgiving others – and what to do when we don’t agree with someone’s views or actions.

  • Total Forgiveness: Not For Show

    Episode 11

    Forgiveness is not for show, and RT Kendall discusses whether we should need to show someone, and others, that we have made a choice to forgive. Can we forgive before someone has repented?

  • Total Forgiveness: Angry With God

    Episode 12

    When we get to the root of our bitterness, we can often find a lingering resentment toward God. RT Kendall looks at how can we tackle this, and answer the big questions in life.

  • Total Forgiveness: Forgiving Ourselves

    Episode 13

    Sometimes the hardest part of forgiveness if to forgive ourselves for when we have fallen short. R T Kendall shares his own story of feeling like a failure as a parent, and looks at Paul in the Bible.

  • Total Forgiveness: Keeping It To Yourself

    Episode 14

    When we feel an urge to share the wrongdoings of others, is it the right thing to do? Are we able to let it go? RT Kendall discusses the way in which Joseph forgives his brothers without sharing their wrongdoings with his acquaintances.

  • Total Forgiveness: Story of Joseph

    Episode 15

    RT re-visits the powerful story of Joseph, son of Jacob, as a great example for teaching us how to truly forgive our brothers and sisters.

  • Total Forgiveness: How To Know

    Episode 16

    How do we treat those who have hurt us? RT Kendall summarises the key indicators that help us to know we have truly and totally forgiven.

  • Total Forgiveness: Seven Steps

    Episode 17

    RT Kendall recaps his previous six points for knowing we’ve totally forgiven, before adding a seventh. He looks at the power of Stephen’s story and how he forgave those who hurt him, before he died.

  • Total Forgiveness: The Lord’s Prayer

    Episode 18

    RT Kendall teaches through the Lord’s Prayer and discusses the importance and relevance of it, when it comes to total forgiveness. He explains this continuous nature of forgiveness.

  • Total Forgiveness: Our Perspective

    Episode 19

    RT Kendall challenges our perspective and actions when it comes to forgiving those who have wronged us, or hurt the people we love – at any point in life.

  • Total Forgiveness: Learning Gratitude

    Episode 20

    How is forgiveness wrapped up in our relationship with our Heavenly Father? RT Kendall explores God’s passion for forgiveness and gratitude. 

  • Total Forgiveness: Consequences of Unforgiveness

    Episode 21

    What effect does bitterness have on our lives? RT Kendall explores the causes and consequences of harbouring unforgiveness.

  • Total Forgiveness: Playing God

    Episode 22

    What happens when we decide to judge other others harshly? RT Kendall discusses the dangers of ‘playing God’.

  • Total Forgiveness: Playing God - Part 2

    Episode 23

    Jealousy, justice and judgement all play a part in our response to those we need to forgive. R T Kendall questions how we can avoid playing God when it comes to these things.

  • Total Forgiveness: How To Judge

    Episode 24

    How can we respond to criticism, wrongdoing and hypocrisy? RT Kendall explores what judgement is, and what type we should avoid.