TBN Presents: Emmanuel Adeseko

TBN Presents: Emmanuel Adeseko

2 Seasons

Emmanuel Adeseko looks at the topics of our God-given identity; the strategic role of dreams, visions and prophecy; activating faith, and understanding the role of prayer in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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TBN Presents: Emmanuel Adeseko
  • Who Is Jesus Christ?

    Episode 1

    Emmanuel introduces a new series about representing Jesus, starting with looking at Christ's identity.

  • Carrying Christ: The Ministry of Mary

    Episode 2

    Emmanuel Adeseko shares how Mary's pregnancy of Jesus can be likened to our own spiritual journey with Christ.

  • The Kiss of Death - The Ministry of Judas

    Episode 3

    What is true discipleship? Emmanuel Adeseko explores Judas' relationship with Jesus, and what we can learn about the cost of discipleship.

  • Show Me Your Scars

    Episode 4

    Can vulnerability be powerful? Emmanuel Adeseko explores the story of Doubting Thomas and how we can take heart from this account.

  • Who's In Your Room

    Episode 5

    Are we bringing Jesus into our home? Emmanuel Adeseko delves into the story of Jairus' daughter being raised to life!