TBN Presents: Alex Morgan

TBN Presents: Alex Morgan

8 Episodes

A series that looks at that when we become rooted in Christ and who Christ is we can therefore trust him for breakthrough in our lives.

TBN Presents: Alex Morgan
  • Rooted in Christ: What is in a Name?

    Episode 1

    Pastor Alex Morgan introduces the series and delves into understanding the meaning of names and the names of God.

  • Rooted in Christ: What's in a Name? - Part 2

    Episode 2

    Alex Morgan invites us to open our Bibles and look at the next four 'I am' statements Jesus makes in the book of John chapter 11.

  • Rooted in Christ: God is Love

    Episode 3

    We are all desperate to be loved. Alex Morgan unpacks the passage about God's Love in 1 Corinthians 13, reminding us God's love never fails.

  • Rooted in Christ: Rooted in Love

    Episode 4

    Alex Morgan explores how we can be a people who are planted in Christ, where we can bear fruit, in and out of season.

  • Rooted in Christ: Waiting on Hope

    Episode 5

    Sometimes we don't have the words to pray. Alex Morgan speaks about when our spirit rises up, interceding and crying out to God, when we are weak.

  • Rooted in Christ: God of The Breakthrough

    Episode 6

    Sometimes we think that we won't win. Alex Morgan looks at the prayer life of David and how God enabled the Israelites to defeat the Philistines.

  • Rooted in Christ: Even If

    Episode 7

    Alex Morgan reads from the book of Daniel unpacking the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the fiery furnace.

  • Rooted in Christ: In Every Season

    Episode 8

    What is God's will? Alex Morgan explores how God wants us pray always, be thankful and full of joy in every season.