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TBN Meets
  • TBN Meets Jo Saxton

    Episode 28

    On this TBN Meets, we speak to Jo Saxton, an international speaker and women's leadership coach. Join our discussion on all things leadership.

  • TBN Meets Hannah Williamson

    Episode 27

    Emily sits down with Hannah Williamson to discuss how we can equip the next generation to be young leaders, and her new book 'The Mordecai Method'.

  • TBN Meets Rachel John

    Episode 26

    West-End performer and music artist Rachel John talks about theatre-life and her new album 'From my Lips to Gods Ears’, and performs two newly-released tracks.

  • TBN Meets Paul Gibbs

    Episode 25

    Paul Gibbs, founder of The Pais Movement, talks about this discipleship-led organisation, and his newest book, ‘The Shapes Test’.

  • TBN Meets Franklin Graham

    Episode 24

    Franklin Graham, the CEO of ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has devoted his life to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus. Be inspired to tap into you own evangelistic ministry and see how you can prioritise spreading the gospel.

  • TBN Meets Samuel Bella

    Episode 23

    Samuel Bella talks about his journey in music, worship in the UK, and performs his newest single, ‘Move’.

  • TBN Meets Jay Smith

    Episode 22

    Join us as we meet with evangelist Jay Smith to discuss evangelism testimonies and his desire to see the UK on fire for Christ.

  • TBN Meets Marcia Jones

    Episode 21

    Entrepreneur Marcia Jones runs a monthly support group called Sister2SisterBU; women to better their wellbeing, confidence, and self-esteem. Hear about her journey of supporting women for two decades

  • TBN Meets Rachel Kerr

    Episode 20

    Award-winning singer-songwriter, Rachel Kerr, talks about her newly released album ‘Masterpeace’, and so much more. Plus, Rachel performs two of her newest tracks for us.

  • TBN Meets Reverend Mark Edwards

    Episode 19

    Parish Priest, Mark Edwards, had a tough start in life; abused as a child and sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He reveals the challenges he faces as a priest in his new book, Behind the Collar.

  • TBN Meets Andrew Palau

    Episode 18

    Andrew Palau, evangelist and one of the key leaders of the legacy ministry, the Luis Palau Association, joins us to share the biggest Festival coming to Manchester since 2003.

  • TBN Meets Bisi Bankole

    Episode 17

    Bisi, a passionate evangelist and trailblazer shares her testimony as well as her bold christian brand, Walking Witness.

  • TBN Meets Jason O'Shea

    Episode 16

    Larissa talks to Jason O’Shea, the founder of Operation Forgiveness, a knife crime initiative founded by a family who lost a loved one. Hear their story and all they are doing to create awareness in schools, colleges, and youth groups across London.

  • TBN Meets Cat Ross

    Episode 15

    Sanctuary Foundations is a charity which aims to resource individuals, community groups, churches, schools, churches and businesses to build provision for Ukraine. Join as as we discuss the The Homes for Ukraine Scheme and what Sanctuary Foundations is doing to support that.

  • TBN Meets Hugh Osgood

    Episode 14

    In this TBN Meets, we delve in to Hugh Osgood's new 'Because I live' video series, focussing on the Resurrection of Christ and His appearance.

  • TBN Meets Richard Gamble

    Episode 13

    Founder of Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer , Richard Gamble prayed for ten years until 2014 when he felt the nudge to begin what is to become a huge Christian landmark

  • TBN Meets Roger Chilvers

    Episode 12

    We speak with Roger Chilvers, the BGEA’s UK Director of Training and Church Ministry, about this year’s God Loves You Tour

  • TBN Meets Dupe Makinde

    Episode 11

    Dupe Makinde is a woman that is passionate about the future of our young people. We discuss Makinde's charity 'Positive Futures' as well as the impact that it is making across the globe.

  • TBN Meets Jason Lane

    Episode 10

    In this TBN Meets, we talk to Jason Lane from the charity, Innovista. A charity aimed to enable leaders to fulfil their potential in Christ. We talk about the work they are doing in Ukraine, Christianity in Ukraine and Church leadership.

  • TBN Meets Mike Williams

    Episode 9

    Join us with Bristol-based pastor Mike Williams as we discuss his new book 'Dying to get there'. A timely breakdown on how we as Christians can look heavenward, rather than just focussing on the here and now.

  • TBN Meets Dominique Octave

    Episode 8

    Dominque Octave is the founder of a new start up call CUL/TURE - a conscious interruption. In this episode, we discuss how her business impacts and transforms communities.

  • TBN Meets Ed Drew

    Episode 7

    Ed Drew talks all about kids, and in particular ‘Faith in Kids’, a children's ministry for churches and parents to work together in raising their children to trust Jesus.

  • TBN Meets Nia-Cerise Conteh

    Episode 6

    International speaker and biblical dreams interpreter Nia-Cerise Conteh speaks about her global mission journey to date and encourages us to stand as leaders of faith in today’s world.

  • TBN Meets Catherine Little

    Episode 5

    Part of the Bible Society’s mission is ‘To reach everyone with God’s word…’ The General Secretary of Northern Ireland, Catherine Little, shares how exactly they achieve this.