Spiritual: Priorities

Season 1 Episode 1 27m

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12 Episodes

Physical: Long Haul

How can we make a sustainable lifestyle change rather than just joining a fad or using a quick-fix? Find out how to maintain health in simple steps, making the change more manageable.

Physical: Nutrition

Why should we eat healthily? Steve and his guests, discuss the importance of watching what we eat and avoiding the foods that can be really bad for us.

Physical: Exercise

Why should we exercise and how can we get started? Steve and his guests, discuss the importance of exercise and how it affects our mind, sleep and bodies.

Physical: My Body the Temple

When it comes to our physical health and bodies, why is it so important to remain fit and well as Christians? Steve and Esther chat with a personal trainer about the strength and enjoyment that comes with taking care of ourselves.

Relationships: Family

Steve Uppal introduces us to his family; his wife Esther and four children. They discuss their own family dynamics and discuss how God shapes and influences ‘family’ in our lives.

Relationships: Parenting

Having children brings a huge shift in lifestyle. Steve and his wife Esther share on raising their children and keeping their marriage healthy. Having had four children under the age of six, they have plenty of advice. They also invite guests to share their stories.

Relationships: Marriage

How can we manage our expectations of marriage? Steve chats with guests about their own learning curves. They discuss the importance of marriage, the meaning of marriage and having God at the centre.

Relationships: Friendship

Steve explores why friendships are so important, with the help of his guests. What makes a great friendship and how can we nurture and navigate them?

Spiritual: You Can’t Do It Alone

Why is forming solid relationships so important? How can we nurture friendships and make sure we have wise and caring people to turn to in times of trouble?

Spiritual: Habits of Grace

How important is it to form spiritual disciplines? Steve chats with his guests about their own habits and their effects.

Spiritual: Enjoying God

Becoming increasingly close to God is an experience we are able to enjoy as Christians. Steve and his guests share their own experiences.

Spiritual: Priorities

How can we balance our spiritual health as well as our physical health? Steve, Esther and Ian Christensen discuss how health is more than what we see on the outside and how to prepare ourselves for a healthy life.