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19 Episodes

Timothy Adelegan

Timothy Adelegan. Timothy shares with us how we need to understand the message of Jesus for us. How it is meant to be an experiential relationship, and not religion. We are meant to taste and see that he is good.

Timothy Adelegan

Timothy Adelegan. Timothy returns to reflect on the year we've gone through. How we all called to fulfil the calling which God has given us individually.

Timothy Adelegan

Timothy Adelegan. Timothy joins the program to share that we are called to be seated in heavenly places. As Jesus prays for us, he wants us to be with him.

Susan Deborahs

Susan Deborahs.

Susan Deborahs

Susan Deborahs.

Susan Deborahs

Susan Deborahs.

Susan Deborahs

Susan Deborahs.

Mimi Ajala

Mimi Ajala.

Mimi Ajala

Mimi Ajala.

Daniel Mateola

Daniel Mateola.

Daniel Mateola

Daniel Mateola.

Daniel Mateola

Daniel Mateola.

Kafui Keteku

Kafui Keteku. Pastor Kafui reminds us the importance of holding peace with God, especially within friendships that we have with those around us.

Kafui Keteku

Kafui Keteku. Pastor Kafui shares with us the great adventure and excitement of not knowing what tomorrow brings, and how we can run the good race with the Holy Spirit.

Kafui Keteku

Kafui Keteku. Kafui reassures us, that God formed us. In the plan of God, God has written down each day that we will face. Because he knows us.

Kafui Keteku

Kafui Keteku. Kafui share with us on how God's nature and character, declares the end from the beginning. Once we understand this, we can begin to understand the nature of God.

Jon Featherstone

Jon Featherstone.

Jon Featherstone

Jon Featherstone.

Jon Featherstone

Jon Featherstone. Jon starts our day with a powerful word, that as we enter into this new Jewish year, there are some doors that God will close because he has a better plan for us.

84 Episodes

Magnify with Sue Owen

When we don’t feel significant, how can we know that God is interested in us? Sue Owen looks at Mary's story in Luke Chapter 1.

Listening God with Sue Owen

Reading from Exodus, Sue Owen invites us to stop and think again about the story of Moses.

Gracious God with Sue Owen

Sue Owen continues with the story of Moses in the book of Exodus, and explores God’s patience and kindness to us.

No Compromise with Jonny Lee

Where can we find courage? Pastor Jonny Lee uses the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, to talk about living a life of no compromise.

God’s Favour with Sue Owen

Sue Owen reminds us that God's blessings don't come with a catch.

Saviour God with Sue Owen

Sue Owen shares from Isaiah 59 and Father God's heart for us.

Get Back Up with David Peterson 

How can we overcome our mistakes and continue to serve God? Rev David Peterson reads from John 13:36-38, where Peter is told he will deny Jesus.

God Cares with Abbiih Oloyede

Abbiih Oloyede encourages us that if we are experiencing heartache and pain, Jesus really cares for us.

Don't Be Afraid with Stu Glassborow

Stu Glassborow is so excited to find out what 'new mercies' God has for us each day.

Discerning Dreams with David Peterson

David Peterson shares wisdom about dreams and visions.

Prayers of Hope with Abbiih Oloyede

Never give up! Abbiih Oloyede reads a parable from Luke chapter 18.

Hope with Jon Norman

Pastor Jon Norman speaks about how Jesus is the ultimate hope for our life.

Lost Sheep with David Peterson

David Peterson shares his thoughts on the parable of the Lost Sheep from the Gospel of Matthew.

Jesus’ Name with Abbiih Oloyede

Abbiih Oloyede reminds us how powerful the name of Jesus is!

Getting Well with Jon Norman

Pastor Jon Norman talks about the miracle Jesus performed at The Pool of Bethesda.

God’s Call with David Peterson

How can we be brave and committed to following God’s call. Rev David Peterson reads from Jonah 2:9-10, reminding us to run towards God.

Under Pressure with Jon Norman

Pastor Jon Norman speaks to us about dealing with pressure.

Open Hearts with Abbiih Oloyede

Abbiih Oloyede encourages with the verses Hosea 10:12-13

A Carefree Life with Jonny Lee

Pastor Jonny Lee share how we can live a care-free life

God Saves with Abbiih Oloyede

Abbiih Oloyede reads a blessing from Acts 16:31

Be Empowered with Abbiih Oloyede

Abbiih Oloyede reads to us from Ezekiel 34:26

Facing Disappointment with Jonny Lee

How can we face our disappointments, and still remain thankful? Pastor Jonny Lee teaches on Exodus 15 and the disappointments experienced by the Israelites.

Sound Mind with Abbiih Oloyede

Abbiih shares a testimony of coming from a place of anxiety, to a place of peace, relying on the Word of God.

True Forgiveness with Jonny Lee

How many times should we forgive? Jonny Lee speaks about the incredible power that comes through forgiveness.

Journey of Faith with Phillip Thomas

Life is a journey. Phillip Thomas encourages us to intensify and grow our faith in Jesus each and everyday.

Contentment with Phillip Thomas

How can we achieve what God has called us to be? Phillip Thomas looks at contentment verses complacency.

Promises with Hannah Graham

Do we grow to the size of our environment? Hannah Graham encourages us to take a look at the things that limit us to living out God's Promises.

Kindness with Kemi Koleoso

Where do we take refuge? Kemi Koleoso reminds us of how kind our God is and how we can cultivate kindness in our lives.

Peace with Kemi Koleoso

Do we take peace for granted? Kemi Koleoso reminds us that Jesus is the Prince of peace.

Set Free with Phillip Thomas

We serve a powerful God. Phillip Thomas teaches from Exodus 14 when the Israelites crossed the Red Sea on dry land.

Hope with Kemi Koleoso

Where does our hope lie? Kemi Koleoso reminds us that hope in God, is like a tree of life.

Distractions with Chlo Glassborow

Easily distracted? Chlo Glassborow speaks about Jesus being the way the truth and the life.

Faith with Kemi Koleoso

What does it mean to have faith in God? Kemi Koleoso talks about how we can walk in rhythm with God.

Approved with Abbiih Oloyede

Searching for acceptance? Abbiih Oloyede encourages us that we are encompassed with God's approval.

Joy with Kemi Koleoso

How important is joy? Kemi Koleoso takes a closer look at the difference between joy and happiness.

Enjoying Life with Phillip Thomas

How can we maximise our moments? Phillip Thomas explains how we can evolve and grow while on our journey with God.

Come to Life with Ashley Davidson

Are you thirsty? Ashley Davidson explores how we become whole when we are joined to Christ.

Bride of Christ with Ashley Davidson

Ashley Davidson takes us on a beautiful journey through the book of Songs of Solomon.

Saving Sheep with Dan Cook

Dan Cook looks at how Jesus, the shepherd, leaves the 99 sheep behind to find the one that is missing.

There is Hope with Howard Satterthwaite

Is God really absolutely in control? Howard Satterwaite reminds us victory is now here!

End of Your Rope with Dan Cook

Life is not always easy. Dan Cook reminds us that as we decrease, Christ increases in us.

Covering of Peace with Mimi Ajala

The Bible says be anxious for nothing. Mimi Ajala tells us that no matter what the circumstance is, everything will be well.

Running to the Father with Ashley Davidson

What is it like to held in the arms of the Father? Ashley Davidson paints a picture of the peace that God offers us.

Not Alone with Howard Satterthwaite

Howard Satterwaite explores the tangible presence of God with the Israelites throughout history, even as they went into captivity.

Your Mouth with Mimi Ajala

What are you using your mouth to do? Mimi Ajala asks us to consider what we say and speak positively into situations.

Above Every Other Name with Howard Satterthwaite

Why is Christianity different to other faiths? Howard Satterthwaite challenges us to hold onto the truth and hope of Jesus Christ.

Endure with Karen Marais

Feeling weary? Karen Marais encourages us to persevere under testing and patiently endure, enabling us to enter into untold blessings of God.

Where is God with Mimi Ajala

We all end up asking the question at times 'Where are you God?' Mimi Ajala examines the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis for answers.

Faith and Testimony with Tania Angel

Not ashamed of the Gospel. Tania Angel gives testimonies of how she shared the Gospel with people on the streets.

Nature of Peace with Karen Marais

We all have a lack of peace at times. Karen Marais delves deeper into the nature of God's peace that transcends all understanding.

Sufficient with Mimi Ajala

We may be in a pandemic and a recession but we can tap into the blessing of Abraham. Mimi Ajala looks at how God equips and sustains His children.

Live Out Hope with Howard Satterthwaite

Getting squeezed into the worlds mould? Howard Satterthwaite explores how Daniel and his friends stuck to their beliefs while they were in exile.

Produce Peace with Karen Marais

How can we produce peace? Karen Marais looks at how we should be governed more by the Holy Spirit which leads to life and peace.

God Sees You with Mimi Ajala

Feeling insignificant? Mimi Ajala looks at how Hagar encountered an angel of God after running away from her mistress who treated her harshly.

Shoes of Peace with Karen Marais

Want to stop fear, worry and anxiety? Karen Marais reflects on the benefits of living in God's peace and wearing the armour of God.

Righteousness and Peace with Karen Marais

Discipline and forgiveness yields righteousness and peace. Karen Marais explains how we can access peace that is our inheritance.

The Counselor with Abbiih Oloyede

Where can we get help from? Abbiih Oloyede reminds us when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we have the The Holy Spirit to guide us.

Touching Jesus with Rajinder Buxton

We can overcome! Rajinder Buxton shares the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark chapter 5.

Praying for Family with Abbiih Oloyede

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to bring our friends and family before the Lord in prayer.

The Voice of The Lord with Nia Cerise

The voice of the Lord is so powerful! Nia Cerise shares from Psalm 29.

Bonded in Unity with Nia Cerise

Let's chase after Jesus! Nia Cerise releases a vision about the kingdom of heaven.

Seeing with Eyes of Faith with Nia Cerise

May we see with God's eyes today! Nia Cerise digs into 2 Kings 6.

Love with Abbiih Oloyede

What is love? Abbiih Oloyede shares from 1 Corinthians 13.

Testing Faith with Abbiih Oloyede

Trails come to everyone. Abbiih Oloyede encourages us from James chapter 1.

Fear Not with Abbiih Oloyede

Abbiih Oloyede reminds us how much our Father God cares about the detail in our lives.

Reflecting on this year with Kemi Koleoso

Kemi Koleoso encourages us with a message on Lamentations 3:22-23

A Message of Hope with Howard Satterthwaite

Howard Satterthwaite reminds of the amazing invitation that God gives to the shepherds at the first Christmas.

Hope for Believers with Karen Marais

Karen Marais shares on how we can overcome times of sadness and dissapointment.

"Do Not Be Afraid" with RT Kendall

RT Kendall looks at the message of Christmas to see how we can live without fear.

God is our Source with Dipo Oluyomi

Dr Dipo Oluyomi shares his testimony along with 7 keys of wisdom to take with us for the new year.

The Advent of the King with Ewen Robertson

Ewen Robertson looks at the song of Zechariah and his prophecy about John the Baptist and the Messiah.

Look To The Future with Phillip Thomas

Phillip Thomas reads from Isaiah chapter 9 and the prophecy of Jesus coming 700 years before he came.

Keep Your Lamp Burning with David Peterson

David Peterson shares his excitement for the second coming of Jesus Christ and encourages us to keep faith, even during times of tribulation.

Close to God with Dwaine Morgan

Dwaine Morgan takes a deeper look at how Jesus reveals how close God wants to be with His people.

Unlikely Heroes with Becky Murray

Becky Murray looks at the story of Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus and his vital role in the nativity story.

What God Wants for You with Jon Colyer

Jon Colyer looks at the consequences of sin and the confidence God wants us to have to approach Him.

Hope for the Soul with Olly Goldenberg

Olly Goldenberg reminds us of the hope we have in Jesus Christ at Christmas, and all the rest of the year!

Confidence in 2021 with Ysabella Grace

Ysabell Grace reminds us that we can have faith and hope in the Lord during the uncertainty of the year ahead.

Excitement for the New Year with Karen Marais

Karen Marais reminds us that although many things are uncertain, God has ordained this year and chosen us to be alive and to have a purpose.

The Dew from Heaven with Alan Scotland

Alan Scotland reflects on the past year and God's heavenly provision for our lives, when we put our trust in Him.

All Things Work Together for Good with R.T. Kendall

What is your verse for 2021? R.T. Kendall reads from Romans 8: 28 challenging us that all things work together for good, when we are a child of God.

Hope for the New Year with Andrew Scotland

Our God is an everlasting God. Andrew Scotland inspires us to keep focus on our God who brings us hope.

Why Shepherds? With Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan ponders why God revealed His glory to shepherds, of all people, when Jesus was born.

A World Within a World with Alan Scotland

Alan Scotland reads from Luke Chapter 2 taking a deeper look at the incredible experience of the shepherds encountering God breaking in on their busy world.

111 Episodes

Be Alert with Jonny Pettman

We are stronger and safer when we stand together spiritually. Jonny Pettman encourages us to stay connected and reach out to people at this time.

In the Beginning with Jonny Pettman

God created the earth with purpose. Jonny Pettman shares how God created us on purpose and for a purpose.

Expectation with Sarah Richards

It can be easy to grow weary as we wait. Sarah Richards shares how we can have confidence and hope in our expectation as we wait for God's power to move.

God Can Use You Everyday with Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards looks at the story of Jael, a woman mentioned in the Book of Judges in the Bible, who killed Sisera to deliver Israel from the troops of King Jabin.

Beauty for Ashes with Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards reads from Isaiah 61 and encourages us that we can find beauty amongst the ashes.

Let God Validate You with Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards takes a fresh look at the story of Jonah in the Bible and the lessons we can learn from it.

Open Our Eyes with Sharlette Reid

When we are scared or in discomfort we sometimes shut our eyes. Sharlette Reid encourages to open our eyes to see what God wants us to see in our season of distress.

Lean in and Listen with Sharlette Reid

What is hindering us from hearing what God says? Sharlette Reid encourages us to tune in and connect with God again.

Intellectual Humility with Sharlette Reid

There is always something new to learn about who we are in Christ. Sharlette Reid speaks about being open to the continual regeneration God has for us.

Be Still with Dan and Kate Millest

Our starting point with God should be a place of stillness and being in His presence. Dan and Kate Millest challenge our perception of 'being still' with God.

Disarmed with Dan and Kate Millest

Come and see what the Lord has done with Dan and Kate Millest, as they reflect on the year and how God is in the process of removing what we thought made us strong.

There is a River with Dan and Kate Millest

In a place of chaos, there is a river springing up for us in the form of the Holy Spirit. Dan and Kate remind us that no matter our situation, God is with us.

When Your World is Washed Away with Dan and Kate Millest

Dan and Kate Millest encourage us to consider the past year, though the world turned upside-down and our foundations were shaken, God is our ever present help in times of need.

A Fortress to Fight from with Dan and Kate Millest

Dan and Kate Millest read through Psalm 46 together and look at the ways we have sought refuge during the pandemic and how God is our best refuge that makes us strong.

Influence with Jonny Pettman

Jonny Pettman shares his thoughts on the apostle Paul, his transformation and the influence he had sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God's Fight with Jonny Pettman

Gearing up for a fight? Jonny Pettman reminds us we can be still and God will fight on our behalf.

Do Not Quit with Jonny Pettman

Thinking of quitting? Jonny Pettman encourages us to find a new way to keep going and not give up.

Let There be Light with Sharlette Reid

The Word of the Lord is a lamp to our feet. Rev Sharlette Reid shares how when we experience darkness in our lives, the light of God shines even more brightly.

The Root of Bitterness with Christie John-Baptiste

How do we rid ourselves of bitterness? Christie John-Baptiste shares her experience of forgiveness and learning to walk in freedom.

In God's Hands with Christie John-Baptiste

Trust and believe today! Christie John-Baptiste encourages us that whatever difficulties we face, God will not let us go.

Desert Experience with Rajinder Buxton

Rajinder Buxton shares about the story of Hagar and Ishmael who experienced God's provision in the desert.

What Our Soul Needs with Jonny Pettman

Jonny Pettman shares how we sometimes require an invitation to be in God's presence and sometimes we need a challenge to go out and make disciples.

Making a Choice to Believe with Rajinder Buxton

Rajinder Buxton shares the story of Jairus' daughter and how he put is faith in Jesus and she came back to life.

True Satisfaction with Alex McLean

Alex McLean encourages us reading from Psalm 84 and looks at the contrast between living with God and without Him.

Overcome the World with Rajinder Buxton

Rajinder Buxton shares a message from the story about the woman with the issue of blood from Mark chapter 5.

God Has Our Back with Helen Goldenberg

Decide to do something amazing this year! Helen Goldenberg shares incredible testimonies of children who decide to stand up for their faith in school.

The God Who Sees with Ysabella Grace

God knows us by name. Ysabella Grace walks us through the story of God speaking to Hagar in the desert.

Waiting on the Lord with Ysabella Grace

Waiting shouldn't be a passive exercise. Ysabella Grace encourages us to wait expectantly, eagerly anticipate and believe in confidence that God will keep His promises.

That Word Content with Maureen Moores

Have we learnt how to be content? Maureen Moores shares how we can draw from Christ's strength in every situation.

Worry in to Worship with Maureen Moores

God wants us to turn our worries into prayers. Maureen Moores shares some tips on how to talk to God about what we are anxious about.

Waiting with Him with Maureen Moores

We don't like waiting. Maureen Moores shares how to get to know God while we are in a season of waiting.

Step on Your Footstool with Sharlette Reid

God has ways of helping us to get to the places he has called us into. Sharlette Reid unpacks how God wants to elevate us.

Reduce our Negative Emissions with Sharlette Reid

Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. Sharlette Reid shares how we can remove ourselves from toxic environments.

Propel into Destiny with Dwaine Morgan

God wants to refine our character. Dwaine Morgan reminds us that God can use our trails and tribulations to bring us into alignment with who He is.

Faith with Nathan Wild

Nathan Wild reads from Hebrews chapter 11 to stir up our faith and encourage us that faith is key for our salvation, our purpose and the promises God has given us.

Gifts and Callings with Mark Saunders

Feel called to a specific task? Mark Saunders encourages that the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable.

Be Fruitful with Valerie Elyott

Are we bearing good fruit? Valerie Elyott looks at how we can live a fruitful life in Christ.

Fresh Mercy with Valerie Elyott

Each new day brings new opportunities. Valerie Elyott reminds us how great is God's faithfulness to us each and every morning.

Journeys with Andrew Canon

God is with us. Andrew Canon shares an encouragement to rely on God whatever stage of our journey we are on.

God's Gifts with Andrew Canon

We are not meant to be rusty and dusty. Andrew Canon reminds us that we are gifted and equipped as children of God.

God Loves You with Luke Vardy

God is with us and cares deeply for us. Luke Vardy takes a closer look at the most famous verse, John 3:16.

Hosea with Luke Vardy

God's love never goes away from us. Luke Vardy shares us with the story of Hosea, and how he was called to take a prostitute as a wife.

Coming Through the Storm with Luke Vardy

Even the wind and waves obey Jesus. Luke Vardy reminds us to have faith that we will come through the storm, when we have Jesus.

Guard Your Heart with Luke Vardy

Your broken heart can be healed. Luke Vardy helps us to learn to overcome disappointments in life.

Keep on Knocking with Luke Vardy

Luke Vardy shares one of Jesus' parables, reminding us that everyone who keeps seeking Him, will have an answer.

Faith that Raises the Roof with Luke Vardy

What are we paralyzed by? Luke Vardy encourages us that God can break the chains of the things that hold us back.

Be Still with Dwaine Morgan

Dwaine Morgan reflects on lockdown and the time he spent in extended times in worship and prayer.

Walking Out Your Day with Bishop Noel Mclean

We are God's workmanship. Bishop Noel Mclean shares from Ephesians and reminds us of our destiny and future in Christ.

Eternal Thinking with Dwaine Morgan

One day all suffering and pain will cease. Dwaine Morgan encourages us to be kingdom minded, as children of God, we will spend eternity with God.

Courage for Today with Bishop Noel Mclean

God is with us. Bishop Noel Mclean looks at the life of Joshua and all he faced conquering the promised land with God's boldness.

Direction for Today with Bishop Noel Mclean

Reading from Psalms, Bishop Noel Mclean encourages us that as born again Christians we know God's voice.

Sitting at Jesus' Feet with Segun Adenuga

We all need vision for life. Segun Adenuga shares insight from the story of Mary and Martha and their relationship with Jesus.

Lost Sheep with Nathan Wild

Jesus came to save the lost! Nathan Wild shares the Gospel message and his personal testimony with us.

Pray Specifically with Hannah Mumford

Why is it important to pray specifically? Hannah Mumford shares a prophetic word and an amazing testimony of healing to encourage us.

What are you Afraid of? with Graham Ormiston

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Graham Ormiston shares from the story of Peter walking on water.

What is our Purpose? with Stephanie Houston

We all want to know why we are on the planet. Stephanie Houston helps us to understand that we can find our purpose in Christ.

Make it Count with Ayo Olorunlogbon

How can we make the most of our time? Ayo Olorunlogbon encourages us to accomplish what God wants us to do.

What's on the Menu? with Ayo Olorunlogbon

Are we feeding on God's Word? Ayo Olorunlogbon shares a conversation between Jesus and His disciple Peter.

Handling Loss with Ayo Olorunlogbon

Ayo Olorunlogbon shares ways in which we can handle loss, disappointment and discouragement in life by looking at the way King David handled his emotions.

Practise Being Present with Joel Rossborough

Joel Rosborough speaks on how God gets the attention of Moses with a burning bush.

Are You Drowning in Another Man's Blessing? with Sharlette Reid

God knows how much we can carry. Sharlette Reid reminds us that we don't need to envy other people's blessing, as God has a plan for each of us.

Is it Really for You? with Sharlette Reid

God establishes our way. Sharlette Reid shares some home truths about how God illuminates our path in life.

Growing with Sharlette Reid

Despite struggles and hardship we can still grow. Sharlette Reid looks at how God blessed the Israelites, even under slavery in Egypt.

Transformation with Nathan Wild

God can change us each and every day to be more like Him. Nathan Wild shares a powerful word from the book of Romans.

Connecting on Purpose with Sharlette Reid

We have the opportunity to meet many different people every day. Sharlette Reid explores God's heart for us to connect with people.

Poiema with Ben Jeffery

What voices are we listening to? Ben Jeffery challenges us to face up to our fears and believe what God's Word says about us.

Pride with Ben Jeffery

Pride comes before a fall. Ben Jeffery talks about what the Bible says about pride and the effects a prideful attitude can have.

I Nearly Died with Ben Jeffery

Belief changes situations. Ben Jeffery shares testimony about a time he escaped a terrifying moment.

Focus Not on Fear with Gery Malanda

God has not given us a spirit of fear. Gery Malanda shares testimony of his Parents' healing from Covid -19.

Breaking Burdens with Gery Malanda

Need some rest? Gery Malanda shares how Jesus has the power to destroy the yolk of heavy burdens upon our shoulders.

Healing and Forgiveness with Gery Malanda

By Jesus' stripes we were healed. Gery Malanda encourages us to consult Jesus the healer when we are sick.

Do You See Jesus In Me? - with Chua Wee Hian

Do we think other people can see the beauty and wonder of Jesus' character in us? Are we growing to be more like Him?

Fishing Parables - with Chua Wee Hian

Chua Wee Hian describes how fishing has affected different seasons in his life and what lessons God is teaching him through it.

Hush the Noise - with Sharlette Reid

God speakes to us today and we need to recognise what the Lord is saying to us and be able to move out on it.

The Miracle Before The Miracle - with Mark Ritchie

Mark Ritchie looks at the thoughts of the boy who offered his food for the feeding of the five thousand.

Move Forward - with Sharlette Reid

Don't let the opposition's resistance make your retreat, it's time for you to push forward.

Love Casts Out All Fear - with Mark Ritchie

A lot of us have fear driving our lives. Let love come out of the passenger seat and take control.

Focus Again - with Sharlette Reid

There are lots of things competing for our attention and time. Today is the day to get back your focus and achieve what God has manifested in your life.

Clouds Will Pass - with Mark Ritchie

The are mountains in our life that we need to climb. Despite the difficulties we face, God surrounds us and helps us see the mountain tops again.

Trust is the Cure for Worry & Anxiety - with Jayne Banful

Pastor Jayne encourages us with the knowledge that trusting in Jesus is the antidote to these unprecedented times.

The Lord is My Shepherd - with Jayne Banful

Pastor Jayne reminds us that God is always speaking to us, through the very things He has created.

God Is Faithful In Every Season - with Jayne Banful

Pastor Jayne talks about the waiting time we experience in a season and how God makes things beautiful during this time.

Do Not Worry - with Mitch

Mitch encourages us to lay our burdens, worries and fears onto Jesus in prayer.

The Power to Change - with Emmanuel Danso -

Pastor Emmanuel shares on how the key to change is having a successful relationship in Jesus.

Be Anxious For Nothing - with Lona Copeland -

Dr Lona has a word for us about the difference between the fear of God and being afraid.

Freedom From Condemnation - Emmanuel Danso

Pastor Emmanuel reminds us how freeing ourselves from the enemy's condemnation enables us to walk in the grace of God.

Hearing the Voice of God - with Lona Copeland

Dr Lona talks on the importance of withdrawing and taking time to be with Jesus in order to hear clearly from Him.

The First Noel - with Mimi Ajala

Mimi Ajala shares on the excitement for Christmas compared to the reality of the first Christmas.

The Star, the Stable and the Saviour - with Jon Norman

Pastor Jon Norman talks about how we can trust in God during our disappointments.

Standing at the Door - with Barry Woodward

Barry Woodward speaks on why we celebrate Christmas, and what Jesus came for.

Let's Go to Bethlehem - with Ray Bevan

Pastor Ray helps us to navigate through what can be a difficult season with a message on forgiveness.

The Surprise Of Christmas - with RT Kendall

RT Kendall teaches on how God loves to surprise.

Joy to the World - with Kemi Koleoso

Pastor Kemi Koleoso unpacks what Jesus brought to the world with His birth.

Painting the Picture of the Nativity - with Doug Williams

Pastor Doug Williams reflects on the various depictions of the Christmas story and asks what picture are they painting? And what do we really see?

A Christmas Message - with Diana Stacey

Pastor Diana Stacey asks how will we honour Jesus this Christmas amidst the busyness of this season.

What Do You See? - with Tania Angel

Tania Angel shares about story of Simeon and his prophecy about the baby Jesus.

Humility, Involvement, and Courage - with Patrick Regan

Patrick Regan looks at three key words associated with the Christmas story.

He is the God of the Impossible - with Stephanie Houston

Pastor Stephanie Houston encourages us to expect the impossible to happen with whatever we are believing in God for.

Things said to, about, and by Mary - with Becky Harcourt

Pastor Becky Harcourt looks at the character of Mary, mother of Jesus.

Musical Moments - with Matt Summerfield

Pastor Matt Summerfield takes a closer look at the role music and song plays in the Christmas story.

God Remembers Us, Will We Remember Him? - with Tumininun Olaoshun

Tumi explains how the message of Christmas can bring us hope as it shows how God hasn't forgotten humanity.

Why we celebrate Christmas - with Mayomi Anuwe

Mayomi reads from Luke 2:4-14 and unpacks the exciting news that the angels brought.

Time for Change - with Andy Baker

Andy Baker reflects on the importance of making time to spend with God, and having a heart for gratitude.

Hope - with Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson, families pastor of Causeway Coast Vineyard, looks ahead to the new year with a message on the topic of hope.

Please God - with RT Kendall

RT Kendall uses the example of Enoch for how we can approach the new year by wanting to please God.

A New Beginning - with Kemi Koleoso

Pastor Kemi Koleoso talks about how we transition from one season into another.

A New Thing - with Mike White

Pastor Mike White encourages us to look out for the new things that God is doing in our lives this coming year.

115 Episodes

Loneliness - with Diana Stacey

Diana looks at what the Bible says about how to defeat the spirit of loneliness.

Take Some Time To Rest - with Diana Stacey

Diana looks at the scriptual basis for taking time out to rest from our busy lives.

Entering God's rest - with Sarah Teibo

Sarah reminds us about the importance of rest so that we can fufill God's purpose, and shares what she has learnt over the lockdown season.

God Has a Gift For You - with Andy Baker

Andy encourages us to be receptive to the new gifts that God blesses us with.

Grief - with Penny Lyon

Penny share her testimony of miscarriage and how God demonstrated His love towards her at this time.

What To Do When Doubt Strikes - with Sarah Teibo

Gospel singer, Sarah Teibo, recounts how John the Baptist lost his faith, and what lessons we can learn from this account.

Make Space for God - with Andy Baker

Andy Baker from Homegrown Worship, contemplates how God meets us where we are at.

Taking Risks for God - with Penny Lyon

Singer and presenter, Penny Lyon, shares about the blessings we receive when we step out in faith for God.

A Listening Heart - with Sarah Teibo

Worship leader, Sarah Teibo, reflects on how we react to God's calling with fresh instructions.

Assemble - with Sharlette Reid

Elder Sharlette encourages us to ask God "What do we need to get things done in 2022?"

Battle Scars - with Barry Woodward

Barry describes how our battle scars prove that we are still standing and remind us of Jesus and his scars.

Middle of a Struggle - with Barry Woodward

Barry shares a personal testimony and the lessons we can learn from our times of struggle.

Just change Your focus - with Mark Greenwood

Mark Greenwood talks about finding the positive amongst all the rubbish.

Ever Think You Haven't Got What It Takes? - with Mark Greenwood

Mark Greenwood shares about how common it is to have doubts.

God Is already On It - with Mark Greenwood

Mark talks about the times we wish things would be solved quicker.

The Goodness of God - with Sam Leighton

Sam Leighton shares the message of the goodness of God's will, nature, and desire towards humanity.

Open Door - with Damares Carvalho

Damares Carvalho shares a testimony about inviting people in to hear the salvation message.

Fear - with Damares Carvalho

Damares talks about the necessity of fear to recognise danger but how we should be able to face our fears.

The Great Comission - with Colin Dill

Colin Dill shares how the Great Commission has impacted his passion for mission work.

Seeking God in Your Everyday Life - with Hannah Mumford

Hannah addresses the times when we are waiting for a sign or movement from God.

The Greatest Gift, the Holy Spirit - with Johan Alexandersson

Johan encourages us to ask God to fill us with His Holy Spirit.

Faith - with Maddie Lopez

Maddie asks us how we define our faith.

Chosen - with Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller reminds us that we are a chosen generation.

There Is Hope - with Sharon Miller

Sharon reminds us that Jesus came to us with a life-changing message of hope.

Make Your Day Count - with Emmanuel Adeseko

Emmanuel encourages us to walk in our identity a purpose today

Trust Him - with Sharon Miller

Sharon reminds us that trusting in the Lord makes all the difference.

Everlasting Love of God - with Maddison Lopez

Maddison talks about how we can receive the love of God no matter how unworthy we feel.

You Are Complete - with Emmanuel Adeseko

Emmanuel shares a powerful message about how we are redeemed through Christ.

The All-Encompassing Kingdom of God - with Connor Doll

Evangelist, Connor Doll, speaks on how God's Kingdom leaves a mark on everything it touches.

Discovering Joy - with Nancy Goudie

Author and speaker, Nancy Goudie, reflects on the time she first encountered God.

Being Transformed - with Sharon Miller

Evangelist, Sharon Miller, shares her thoughts on how we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Encouragement in the Storms of Life - with Nancy Goudie

Nancy Goudie speaks a word of encouragement to anyone who is going through tough times and dark situations.

God my help! - with Sharon Miller

Sharon Miller reads from the book of Psalms to help bring us through our battles.

Trusting God For A Miracle - with Nancy Goudie

Nancy Goudie shares her own experience of miraculous provision by God.

God Never Leaves Us - with Hannah Mumford

Hannah looks at the promise God makes in Joshua 1:5 to always be with us.

You Can Pass Your Test - with Sharon Miller

Sharon takes inspiration from the book of Job for how we can stay faithful to God.

Praise Him - with Sharon Miller

Sharon reads from the Psalms and encourages us to praise the Lord when facing trials.

The Character and Nature of God - with Connor Doll

Connor speaks on the topic of knowing God and making Him known.

The Importance of the Bible - with Connor Doll

Connor shares how the Bible helps us to learn about the nature and character of God.

Hearing God's Voice - with Connor Doll

Connor speaks about the ways we can discern how God is leading and guiding us.

Prayer and Worship - with Connor Doll

Connor looks at our differing perceptions of prayer and worship.

The Great Commission - with Connor Doll

Connor teaches on how God calls us into action.

Know Your Boat - with Taylor Bentliff

How can we step out of our comfort zones? Taylor unpacks the good things in life that can hold us back from an experience of God.

The Pressure's Off - with Taylor Bentliff

Taylor explains that God is active even when we are not. He doesn't need us, but wants us to take part in His work.

Creating For Good - with Taylor Bentliff

Taylor shows that we are all creative beings, but can use that gift for good or bad.

Missing the Mark - with Taylor Bentliff

What happens when we get things wrong? Taylor helps us to understand what it means to stand in Jesus' place because He stood in ours.

Who Is My Neighbour? - with Bishop Wayne Malcolm

Bishop Wayne Malcolm looks at the parable of the good Samaritan and asks us to consider who our neighbours are if we were the person who was attacked.

The Amazing Equaliser! - with Bishop Wayne Malcolm

Bishop Wayne speaks on the problems with labelling people into groups.