Melanated Stories

Series 2 Seasons 10 Episodes

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5 Episodes

Family And Ministry

Season 2 Episode 1 58m

Ever struggled with juggling home life and ministry? In this episode, Sharlene-Monique speaks with two families; the Francises’ and the Isaacs’ who reveal how they’ve learned to champion balance throughout the years.

Identity And Belonging

Season 2 Episode 2 31m

Do people have a stronger sense of belonging to Britain, than they did 10 years ago? This week, we explore this question and how we can all play a part in creating a sense of security and support for others

Saved And Single

Season 2 Episode 3 58m

To many, the Church looks like a Church of the married, for the married. Let’s discuss openly what it’s like to be single and saved in a majority-black church.

World and Mission

Season 2 Episode 4 46m

What does it mean to be in the world but not of it? In this episode, we look at how important it is for us as children of God to work confidently in secular spaces.

Windrush and 75

Season 2 Episode 5 45m

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the MV Empire Windrush ship at the Port of Tilbury, a seminal moment in our nation’s shared history. Celebrate with us as we hear stories of two powerful and very different accounts of their experiences during this time.

5 Episodes

Family and Culture

Season 1 Episode 1 24m

Sharlene-Monique goes on a journey, hearing and experiencing stories from various people who have at least three things in common: they have a faith in Jesus, they are based In Britain, plus, they have a high concentration of Melanin.

Church and Tradition

Season 1 Episode 2 28m

Bishop Dr Joe Aldred shares with Sharlene-Monique about his passion for bringing the Church together, and helping people not be defined by colonialism, racism and slavery from the past.

Health and Education

Season 1 Episode 3 28m

Sharlene-Monique challenges the misconceptions of mental health and wellbeing within the church and in the black community. Hear conversations on how important it is as a people to recognise when help is needed and how critical it is to let people in.

Music & Entertainment

Season 1 Episode 4 29m

Sharlene-Monique speaks to personalities across music, radio, film and TV as they share their experiences on Black and British media and having a faith whilst working in Christian and secular platforms. Featuring radio broadcaster Nikki Tapper, multi award-winning artist Rachel Kerr, rapper Faith Child and film maker Shabazz L Graham.

Music & Entertainment (Extended Version)

Season 1 Episode 5 55m

Featuring extended footage of Sharlene-Monique speaking to radio broadcaster Nikki Tapper, multi award-winning artist Rachel Kerr, rapper Faith Child and film maker Shabazz L Graham.