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22 Episodes

Motivated By The Blessings

Season 3 Episode 1 30m

We can know how to pray and read God's Word, but we may not be motivated. Javen shares how joy comes when we give God 100% of ourselves.

Staying Motivated

Season 3 Episode 2 29m

Losing momentum and motivation? Javen challenges us to consider our intentions that motivate our outward decisions.

Take The Blessing

Season 3 Episode 3 28m

God's blessing are all around us. Javen reminds us that we can reach out and grab hold of all that God has for us.

As For Me And My Family

Season 3 Episode 4 30m

We are better together. Javen speaks on the importance of operating in God's purpose for our family.

The Power Of The Seed

Season 3 Episode 5 30m

Seeds will not grow unless they are planted. Javen shares how if we want something to last, we need to sow the Word of God into it.

Use The Seed

Season 3 Episode 6 28m

How can we increase Godly manifestation in our lives? Javen speaks on the the seed of God's word being the beginning of His handiwork in our lives.

Face Your Wall

Season 3 Episode 7 29m

What is preventing us fulfilling God's promises in our life? Javen encourages us to be willing to discipline our ways so we can live an obedient lifestyle.

See Past Your Giants

Season 3 Episode 8 29m

Is there a giant blocking our way? Javen shares how in order to succeed, we need to see situations through faith and not by sight.

See Yourself Blessed

Season 3 Episode 9 28m

We are called to be blessed and be a blessing. Javen explains how we can position ourselves in a place of receiving God's blessings for our life.


Season 3 Episode 10 29m

What is true worship? Javen speaks to songwriter Noel Robinson about the position of our heart in worship, and our response to the Holy Spirit.

Keep Hope Alive

Season 3 Episode 11 30m

So many things in this world are trying to tear us down. Javen encourages us to place our hope in God for all things.

Attitude Of Gratitude

Season 3 Episode 12 28m

What can we be thankful for? Javen encourages us that we can be thankful to God for everything He has done for us, despite our circumstances.

Your Blessing Is In The Struggle

Season 3 Episode 13 29m

Going through a struggle is a sign that we haven't lost the battle. Javen shares how what can seem to be a negative situation can actually be an opportunity to look up and grow up.

Accepting The Call

Season 3 Episode 14 29m

We have a call of God on our lives to share the Gospel. Javen invites us to discover our purpose in God.

I Am My Father's Child

Season 3 Episode 15 28m

We are children of God. Javen talks about how, as Christians, we have God as our father and we are joint heirs with Jesus.

Flowing In God's Anointing

Season 3 Episode 16 31m

How do we tap into our anointing? Javen shares how we can invite God's anointing to flow for whatever we are doing and wherever we are at.

The Seed

Season 3 Episode 17 30m

Want to blossom into something extraordinary? Javen teaches on the importance of planting seeds of encouragement.

Remove The Clutter

Season 3 Episode 18 28m

Javen explains how can we remove distractions and silence the noise in our life, so we don't miss our assignments from God.

Pressure Provides The Promise

Season 3 Episode 19 30m

With life comes pressure. Javen challenges our perception that pressure can actually produce the promises of God in our life.

Use What You Have

Season 3 Episode 20 30m

What is in our hands? Javen speaks on how we can use our talents and gifts for the glory of God.

The Worshipper In You

Season 3 Episode 21 29m

We are created to worship the Lord. Javen shares how worshipping God can break chains and open doors.

Expressing The Worshipper In You

Season 3 Episode 22 31m

The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. Javen and Johnny Rez encourage us to give God glory every way we can.

14 Episodes

Faith & Courage

Season 2 Episode 1 24m

We all need more faith and courage. Javen explains how God can do more through us than with us.

Attitude Of Gratitude

Season 2 Episode 2 23m

We all need an attitude of gratitude. Javen speaks on how an encounter with God results in a greater version of who we are.

Do The Right Thing

Season 2 Episode 3 24m

It is not always easy to do the right thing. Javen invites us to position ourselves for greater things without compromising our faith.

Don't Walk In Fear

Season 2 Episode 4 22m

A mindset of fear can cripple us. Javen shares testimony of God's provision in his life, and how we can go to God in faith and not fear, for all that we need.

Small Acts Bring Big Results

Season 2 Episode 5 22m

Sometimes the small encouragements in life can bring about the biggest of changes. Javen encourages us to pray with great expectations.

Get Off My Boat

Season 2 Episode 6 24m

Willing to accept the call of God? Javen speaks about the barriers that are blocking us from our destiny and how we can remove them.

Get Off My Boat - Part 2

Season 2 Episode 7 25m

There are some people who will only bring us down in life. Javen shares how we can make the courageous decisions to remove distractions from our destiny.

Live Free Or Die Hard

Season 2 Episode 8 25m

It is time to live in freedom! Javen invites us to make a choice to do what God is calling us to do in obedience.

Hold On, Help Is On The Way

Season 2 Episode 9 24m

Expect the unexpected. Javen inspires us to know that God will help us, we just need to keep on holding onto our faith.

If You Let Go, You Win

Season 2 Episode 10 22m

Letting go of our past can be really hard. Javen shares how letting go of negativity will open doors for us and enable us to be better leaders.

Nowhere To Go But Up

Season 2 Episode 11 25m

When we are at the bottom, we have no where to go but up. Javen encourages us to be courageous and step up in the things of God.

Say Goodbye To Your Past

Season 2 Episode 12 25m

Hanging onto the past? Javen speaks on how being inspired for the future can enable us to let go of the past and move forward.

The Miseducation Of Grace

Season 2 Episode 13 25m

It is by grace we have been saved. Javen reminds us how we cannot earn God's grace and forgiveness, it is freely given.


Season 2 Episode 14 26m

Can we see what God is doing in our life? Javen invites us to catch God's vision for our life and family.

13 Episodes

It's Time To Get Back In The Race

Season 1 Episode 1 25m

God wants you back in the race. Javen shares a message about how we win the race Christ has set before us.

Get Rid of the Baggage

Season 1 Episode 3 28m

Waylaid with too much baggage? Javen shares how we can pack light on our walk with Jesus and lose the things we do not need.

Don't Move God Out

Season 1 Episode 4 28m

As we go through different seasons in life we can become distant from God. Javen challenges us to keep God close through every season.

Accept The Help

Season 1 Episode 5 27m

It can be so hard to ask for help. Javen reminds us Jesus wants us to ask for help when we need it.

Your Set Back Is Really A Set Up

Season 1 Episode 6 29m

Looking for a breakthrough? Javen encourages us that the things that are seemingly setting us back, are really a set up for God's glory.

If You Can See It, You Can Have It

Season 1 Episode 7 28m

When we are fearful we close our eyes. Javen invites us to see God's vision and blessings for our life.

A Life Designed For You

Season 1 Episode 8 28m

It is so important to find out our destiny. Javen shares how the quieter times in life are often God's way of preparing us for our purpose.

Obedience Is Not A Bad Word

Season 1 Episode 9 28m

Our relationship with God develops through obedience. Javen shares how obedience brings freedom and blessing to our life.

Enduring Hardship

Season 1 Episode 10 29m

What do we do when the hard times come? Javen challenges us to have a strong resource of faith, knowing that God will bring us through the tough times.

God's Best Is Your Best

Season 1 Episode 11 29m

Jesus came for us to have abundant life. Javen speaks on accepting God's best for our life.

The Power Of Words

Season 1 Episode 12 28m

We can speak a greater destiny for our life. Javen challenges us to understand the power that words can have over our life.

Winning The Fight

Season 1 Episode 13 29m

What separates a champion from the rest of the team? Javen speaks about the importance of self-discipline to win in life.

The Power Of Real Worship

Season 1 Episode 14 29m

What does it mean to truly worship God? Javen speaks on being willing to submit and sacrifice ourselves to Christ wholeheartedly.