Now Living with Javen

Now Living with Javen

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Javen invites you to start living your best life NOW.

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Now Living with Javen
  • Faith & Courage

    Episode 15

    We all need more faith and courage. Javen explains how God can do more through us than with us.

  • Attitude Of Gratitude

    Episode 2

    We all need an attitude of gratitude. Javen speaks on how an encounter with God results in a greater version of who we are.

  • Do The Right Thing

    Episode 3

    It is not always easy to do the right thing. Javen invites us to position ourselves for greater things without compromising our faith.

  • Don't Walk In Fear

    Episode 4

    A mindset of fear can cripple us. Javen shares testimony of God's provision in his life, and how we can go to God in faith and not fear, for all that we need.

  • Small Acts Bring Big Results

    Episode 1

    Sometimes the small encouragements in life can bring about the biggest of changes. Javen encourages us to pray with great expectations.

  • Get Off My Boat

    Episode 20

    Willing to accept the call of God? Javen speaks about the barriers that are blocking us from our destiny and how we can remove them.

  • Get Off My Boat - Part 2

    Episode 1

    There are some people who will only bring us down in life. Javen shares how we can make the courageous decisions to remove distractions from our destiny.

  • Live Free Or Die Hard

    Episode 1

    It is time to live in freedom! Javen invites us to make a choice to do what God is calling us to do in obedience.

  • Hold On, Help Is On The Way

    Episode 1

    Expect the unexpected. Javen inspires us to know that God will help us, we just need to keep on holding onto our faith.

  • If You Let Go, You Win

    Episode 1

    Letting go of our past can be really hard. Javen shares how letting go of negativity will open doors for us and enable us to be better leaders.

  • Nowhere To Go But Up

    Episode 1

    When we are at the bottom, we have no where to go but up. Javen encourages us to be courageous and step up in the things of God.

  • Say Goodbye To Your Past

    Episode 27

    Hanging onto the past? Javen speaks on how being inspired for the future can enable us to let go of the past and move forward.

  • The Miseducation Of Grace

    Episode 1

    It is by grace we have been saved. Javen reminds us how we cannot earn God's grace and forgiveness, it is freely given.

  • Vision
    Episode 29


    Episode 29

    Can we see what God is doing in our life? Javen invites us to catch God's vision for our life and family.