Now Living with Javen

Now Living with Javen

3 Seasons

Javen invites you to start living your best life NOW.

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Now Living with Javen
  • It's Time To Get Back In The Race

    Episode 1

    God wants you back in the race. Javen shares a message about how we win the race Christ has set before us.

  • Accept The Great In Your Life

    Episode 2

    Tired of settling for second best? Javen invites us to live a great life and live on purpose for Christ.

  • Get Rid of the Baggage

    Episode 3

    Waylaid with too much baggage? Javen shares how we can pack light on our walk with Jesus and lose the things we do not need.

  • Don't Move God Out

    Episode 4

    As we go through different seasons in life we can become distant from God. Javen challenges us to keep God close through every season.

  • Accept The Help

    Episode 5

    It can be so hard to ask for help. Javen reminds us Jesus wants us to ask for help when we need it.

  • Your Set Back Is Really A Set Up

    Episode 6

    Looking for a breakthrough? Javen encourages us that the things that are seemingly setting us back, are really a set up for God's glory.

  • If You Can See It, You Can Have It

    Episode 7

    When we are fearful we close our eyes. Javen invites us to see God's vision and blessings for our life.

  • A Life Designed For You

    Episode 8

    It is so important to find out our destiny. Javen shares how the quieter times in life are often God's way of preparing us for our purpose.

  • Obedience Is Not A Bad Word

    Episode 9

    Our relationship with God develops through obedience. Javen shares how obedience brings freedom and blessing to our life.

  • Enduring Hardship

    Episode 10

    What do we do when the hard times come? Javen challenges us to have a strong resource of faith, knowing that God will bring us through the tough times.

  • God's Best Is Your Best

    Episode 11

    Jesus came for us to have abundant life. Javen speaks on accepting God's best for our life.

  • The Power Of Words

    Episode 12

    We can speak a greater destiny for our life. Javen challenges us to understand the power that words can have over our life.

  • Winning The Fight

    Episode 13

    What separates a champion from the rest of the team? Javen speaks about the importance of self-discipline to win in life.

  • The Power Of Real Worship

    Episode 14

    What does it mean to truly worship God? Javen speaks on being willing to submit and sacrifice ourselves to Christ wholeheartedly.