Now Living with Javen

Now Living with Javen

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Javen invites you to start living your best life NOW.

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Now Living with Javen
  • Motivated By The Blessings

    Episode 1

    We can know how to pray and read God's Word, but we may not be motivated. Javen shares how joy comes when we give God 100% of ourselves.

  • Staying Motivated

    Episode 2

    Losing momentum and motivation? Javen challenges us to consider our intentions that motivate our outward decisions.

  • Take The Blessing

    Episode 3

    God's blessing are all around us. Javen reminds us that we can reach out and grab hold of all that God has for us.

  • As For Me And My Family

    Episode 4

    We are better together. Javen speaks on the importance of operating in God's purpose for our family.

  • The Power Of The Seed

    Episode 5

    Seeds will not grow unless they are planted. Javen shares how if we want something to last, we need to sow the Word of God into it.

  • Use The Seed

    Episode 6

    How can we increase Godly manifestation in our lives? Javen speaks on the the seed of God's word being the beginning of His handiwork in our lives.

  • Face Your Wall

    Episode 1

    What is preventing us fulfilling God's promises in our life? Javen encourages us to be willing to discipline our ways so we can live an obedient lifestyle.

  • See Past Your Giants

    Episode 1

    Is there a giant blocking our way? Javen shares how in order to succeed, we need to see situations through faith and not by sight.

  • See Yourself Blessed

    Episode 1

    We are called to be blessed and be a blessing. Javen explains how we can position ourselves in a place of receiving God's blessings for our life.

  • Worship

    Episode 1

    What is true worship? Javen speaks to songwriter Noel Robinson about the position of our heart in worship, and our response to the Holy Spirit.

  • Keep Hope Alive

    Episode 1

    So many things in this world are trying to tear us down. Javen encourages us to place our hope in God for all things.

  • Attitude Of Gratitude

    Episode 1

    What can we be thankful for? Javen encourages us that we can be thankful to God for everything He has done for us, despite our circumstances.

  • Your Blessing Is In The Struggle

    Episode 1

    Going through a struggle is a sign that we haven't lost the battle. Javen shares how what can seem to be a negative situation can actually be an opportunity to look up and grow up.

  • Accepting The Call

    Episode 1

    We have a call of God on our lives to share the Gospel. Javen invites us to discover our purpose in God.

  • I Am My Father's Child

    Episode 1

    We are children of God. Javen talks about how, as Christians, we have God as our father and we are joint heirs with Jesus.

  • Flowing In God's Anointing

    Episode 1

    How do we tap into our anointing? Javen shares how we can invite God's anointing to flow for whatever we are doing and wherever we are at.

  • The Seed

    Episode 1

    Want to blossom into something extraordinary? Javen teaches on the importance of planting seeds of encouragement.

  • Remove The Clutter

    Episode 1

    Javen explains how can we remove distractions and silence the noise in our life, so we don't miss our assignments from God.

  • Pressure Provides The Promise

    Episode 1

    With life comes pressure. Javen challenges our perception that pressure can actually produce the promises of God in our life.

  • Use What You Have

    Episode 1

    What is in our hands? Javen speaks on how we can use our talents and gifts for the glory of God.

  • The Worshipper In You

    Episode 1

    We are created to worship the Lord. Javen shares how worshipping God can break chains and open doors.

  • Expressing The Worshipper In You

    Episode 1

    The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. Javen and Johnny Rez encourage us to give God glory every way we can.