Naturally Supernatural

Naturally Supernatural

11 Episodes

Join us for highlight from the Naturally Supernatural Conference, hosted by Soul Survivor Church.

Naturally Supernatural
  • Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Mike Pilavachi

    Episode 1

    What are the attributes God looks for in church? Mike Pilavachi invites us to be a church that welcomes the Holy Spirit.

  • Intersession with Mike Pilavachi

    Episode 0

    How do we knock on the door of heaven? Mike Pilavachi looks at principles of intersession and prayer.

  • Citizens of Heaven with Debby Wright

    Episode 3

    Debby Wright speaks about how we can accept and walk in our identity as citizens of heaven.

  • Growing Faith with Andy Croft

    Episode 4

    How does our faith grow? Andy Croft challenges us to develop our trust and assurance that God can move in the here and now.

  • Be God's Friend with Andy Croft

    Episode 5

    What is God's love language? Andy Croft talks about God desiring us to be obedient and follow His commands.

  • Prophecy with Debby Wright and Wayne Drain

    Episode 6

    The Lord is always speaking. Mike Pilavachi sits down with Debby Wright and Wayne Drain as they discuss what it means to walk in the gift of prophecy.

  • Loving Others with Mike Pilavachi

    Episode 7

    We are called to be a family. Mike Pilavachi delves into the story of Joseph and how he was anointed to bless other people.


  • Closer to God with Mark Marx and Neil & Janet Young

    Episode 8

    Mike Pilavachi speaks to Mark Marx and Neil & Janet Young, Pastors of Causeway Coast Vineyard church, about their journey and their ministry.

  • Obedience and Authority with Neil Jackson

    What happens if the Holy Spirit asks you to do something you don't want to do? Neil Jackson shares his story and about his relationship with the Holy Spirit.

  • Freedom with Ali Martin

    Episode 10

    There is more freedom that God wants to bring to us! Ali Martin reminds us that we are God's handiwork and can enter into all that God has prepared for us.

  • True Worship with Mike Pilavachi

    Episode 11

    Have you experienced the beautiful fragrance of God's presence? Mike Pilavachi speaks on true reverence, awe and adoration for Jesus.