Melanated Stories

Melanated Stories

5 Episodes

As October honours and celebrates Black History Month, join Sharlene-Monique as she goes on a journey to explore stories across Britain’s past, present and future. Hear from voices of the black Christian community, shedding a wholesome light on culture, family and so much more.

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Melanated Stories
  • Family and Culture

    Episode 1

    Sharlene-Monique goes on a journey, hearing and experiencing stories from various people who have at least three things in common: they have a faith in Jesus, they are based In Britain, plus, they have a high concentration of Melanin.

  • Church and Tradition

    Episode 2

    Bishop Dr Joe Aldred shares with Sharlene-Monique about his passion for bringing the Church together, and helping people not be defined by colonialism, racism and slavery from the past.

  • Health and Education

    Episode 3

    Sharlene-Monique challenges the misconceptions of mental health and wellbeing within the church and in the black community. Hear conversations on how important it is as a people to recognise when help is needed and how critical it is to let people in.

  • Music & Entertainment

    Episode 4

    Sharlene-Monique speaks to personalities across music, radio, film and TV as they share their experiences on Black and British media and having a faith whilst working in Christian and secular platforms. Featuring radio broadcaster Nikki Tapper, multi award-winning artist Rachel Kerr, rapper Faith...

  • Music & Entertainment (Extended Version)

    Episode 5

    Featuring extended footage of Sharlene-Monique speaking to radio broadcaster Nikki Tapper, multi award-winning artist Rachel Kerr, rapper Faith Child and film maker Shabazz L Graham.