Fit For Purpose

Is your ministry ‘fit for purpose’ in a post-pandemic world? Are you well equipped to go the distance and fulfil your calling? We explore purposeful leadership for life, health and the church with faith leaders from across the UK.

  • Fit For Purpose - Mental Health & Faith

    1 season

    Keynote Speaker and Wellness Coach, Dr. Lavanya Dua hosts a series of discussions exploring Mental Health and The Church, joined by a wide range of guests sharing their opinions and various expertise.

  • Fit For Purpose - Vision & Leadership

    1 season

    Reverenced Yemi Adedeji, the CEO of RyA Consultants, hosts this five-part series; studying vision and leadership. Join him as he aims to equip you to go the distance and fulfil your calling.

  • Fit For Purpose - Church and Accessibility

    1 season

    Paul and Becky Harcourt, the leaders of ‘All Saints Woodford Wells’ host this five-part series exploring how we, as the church, can improve our calling and purpose to be accessible to everyone.

  • Fit For Purpose - Leadership in the Old Testament

    1 season

    Speaker, leader, and Author Anthony Delaney hosts this seven-part series where he studies key people in the Old Testament and how God turns their weaknesses into strength.

  • Fit For Purpose - Youth & Crime

    1 season

    Ben Lindsay, the founder of 'Power The Fight', will be your host for this five part series focusing on empowering communities to end youth violence.

  • Fit For Purpose - Mentoring & Leadership

    1 season

    Reverend Celia Apeagyei-Collins hosts this five – part series exploring purposeful leadership for life, health and the church; from the angle of mentoring.