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Our crew present the light and shade of real life across the UK and beyond. Follow inspiring stories, visit beautiful locations, and discover something new.

  • The Chosen Unveiled

    2 seasons

    Having served as spiritual advisor to The Chosen television series, messianic Rabbi Jason Sobel explores the themes and ideas behind the phenomenally successful series from both a Biblical and Jewish perspective, bringing old and new to come together in a way that not only makes The Chosen, but t...

  • TBN's 50th Anniversary

    1 season

    In this four-part 50th Anniversary Docuseries, hosts Matt and Laurie Crouch guide viewers on the fifty-year adventure of TBN, using vintage video moments from TBN’s fifty-year history, interviews with key participants, and their own first-hand memories, to tell the exciting story of TBN — past, p...

  • Prayer: Learning from Jesus

    1 season

    Discover how Jesus’ teaching on prayer can help us in our prayers. David Ingall talks to inspirational friends and teachers exploring the Why? What? Why not? and How? of prayer.

  • Mysteries of the Messiah

    1 season

    Rabbi Jason Sobel pulls back the curtain to show the many intricate connections in Old and New Testament Scripture that have been hidden in plain sight. In this powerful and fascinating study, Rabbi Jason guides us from the story of creation in Genesis through the book of Revelation to reveal God...

  • Melanated Stories

    1 season

    As October honours and celebrates Black History Month, join Sharlene-Monique as she goes on a journey to explore stories across Britain’s past, present and future. Hear from voices of the black Christian community, shedding a wholesome light on culture, family and so much more.

  • Mercy Ships: The Next Chapter

    In this compelling series, Mercy Ships: The Next Chapter, prepare to be taken on a tour of this purpose-built charitable hospital ship, where you will meet the crew and find out how the world’s largest floating teaching hospital will make double the impact in Africa!

  • Deuteronomy - Wellness God's Way

    1 season

    David Ingall explores how the amazing book of Deuteronomy shows us God’s vision for living life and flourishing in this seven-part series shot on various locations across England.

  • Celebrating 50 years of Graham Kendrick

    Join Jake Isaac and friends as they travel through monumental moments in the life and ministry of worship leader, singer and songwriter, Graham Kendrick.

  • Christians Against Poverty - Power of the Church

    1 season

    Join Paula Stringer, CEO of Christians Against Poverty, to explore the important role of the Church in helping people to find financial freedom. The series reveals how small beginnings led to over 22,000 people (and counting) becoming debt-free in the UK, with many people giving their lives to Ch...

  • When God Speaks: Rev David Peterson's Story

    In 2020, a global pandemic hit the UK. We follow Reverend David Peterson’s journey through tragedy, anger, obedience, and healing as God made His voice known.

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  • The Black History Project - Featuring The Spirituals

    A one-off special honouring October as Black History Month in the UK.

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    Hosted by the talented worship artist Junior Garr, and featuring exclusive interviews with Karen Gibson MBE, Lawrence LJ Johnson, Nic...

  • State of Faith Praise Specials

    1 season

    The State of Faith Praise Specials combines the rich history of the Christian faith across two millennia with incredible contemporary stories of God’s mercy in action today through believers across the earth!

  • Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth

    1 season

    Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth is TBN’s six-part documentary series chronicling the Gospel’s spread from 12 Apostles in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago to a major presence on every continent today. Journey through centuries and continents, exploring Christianity’s a...

  • Israel Unveiled

    1 season

    A journey of discovery through Israel as Loyiso Bala seeks to unveil the biblical truth found in Israel's archaeology, science, technology and the culture of its people.

  • Captain Concorde with Captain Brian Walpole OBE

    Join us for a very special interview with Captain Brian Walpole, OBE, as he shares how he became general manager of Concorde, flying the Royal Family and Prime Ministers across the world — and how he came to know God.

  • Christianity Under Fire | The Story of Andrew White

    This TBNUK Original Documentary shows the horrors that Christians face around the world, and how Canon Andrew White, against all odds, has dedicated his entire life to relieve their suffering.

  • Breaking Darkness with Robby Dawkins & Brian Welch

    Join Evangelist Robby Dawkins & Musician Brian Welch as they take us through the powerful, practical steps of breaking darkness and strongholds off our life.


    A historical documentary hosted by R.T. Kendall telling the story of Martin Luther, as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Great Reformation.

  • It's Time, Northern Ireland

    Angus Buchan leads Healing the Land's 'It's Time' prayer event for the nation of Northern Ireland, as they call upon The Lord to bring justice, peace and hope to their nation.

  • Martin Smith - Behind the Scenes Special

    TBN UK brings you an exclusive behind the scenes look as Martin Smith records new music videos for his latest album ‘Iron Lung’ at TBN UK’s London studios, including interviews and performances from the night.