7 Episodes

Join Rob Wall as he puts everyday scenarios into perspective by linking biblical teachings with everyday life.

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  • Under The Surface

    Episode 1

    Are you more impressed with what you see or what God says? Rob Wall speaks to us about what goes on unseen and behind the scenes is so important to God.

  • Look At The Bird

    Episode 2

    'Do not worry' is what Jesus says. Rob Wall reminds us that Jesus knows the beginning from the end.

  • Winning Over Worry

    Episode 3

    Want to run with resilience? Rob Wall explains the difference between concern and worry and how Jesus wants us to throw off our anxieties.

  • Walking In Wisdom

    Episode 4

    Navigating through uncharted waters? Rob Wall encourages us to seek Godly wisdom.

  • Abandon Your Armour

    Episode 5

    When God has something for you, the oil will flow. Rob Wall looks at the gap between receiving God's anointing and His promise coming to fruition.

  • Running With Resilience

    Episode 6

    Our faith should be the anchor that holds us strong. Rob Wall reminds us a resilient person doesn't use an obstacle as an excuse to not advance.

  • He Knows Where I'm Going

    Episode 7

    The Lord is my shepherd. Rob Wall looks at Psalm 23 with us, unpacking David's thoughts about following God and what we can learn from them.