9 Seasons

Join Jon Colyer as he speaks on revival and awakening in the heart and our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

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  • Faith - Part 1: God of the Valley

    Episode 1

    Pastor Jon shares on how we need to add patience to our faith when we're in a low place or it seems things aren't happening.

  • Faith - Part 2: God of the Mountain

    Episode 2

    Pastor Jon talks about the signifcance of mountains, both in the Bible, and in our lives.

  • Pick Up Your Vision - Part 1

    Episode 3

    Pastor Jon speaks on the importance of holding tight on to the vision which doesn't change in the midst of circumstances that do.

  • Pick Up Your Vision - Part 2

    Episode 4

    Jon Colyer continues looking at the topic of vision, this time focussing on what is God's purpose for us.

  • Worship - A Heart of Worship

    Episode 5

    Pastor Jon Colyer leads a time of worship, looking at how we can be more intimate in friendship with God through worshipping Him.

  • Cold Hearted

    Episode 6

    Pastor Jon talks about how the body of Christ is struggling with cold hearts and unrenewed minds after coming out of the effects of the pandemic.

  • Cold Hearted - Part 2

    Episode 7

    Jon and Angela unpack how many of us have gone through a season of pulling away from the faith.

  • Unrenewed Minds

    Episode 8

    Pastor Jon talks about the necessity of renewing our minds so that we can be sharp and attentive towards God.

  • Unrenewed Minds - Part 2

    Episode 9

    Pastor Jon continues the topic of unrenewed minds by discussing with Angela about how we allow our minds to think about whatever we want without putting stops and checks in place.

  • A Heart of Consecration

    Episode 10

    Jon Colyer leads us in a time of worship to reflect and respond to the previous weeks' discussion topics.

  • Whose report do you believe?

    Episode 11

    Pastor Jon is joined by Michael and Marlene Da Costa, pastors of New Nation Destiny Centre, to hear about their incredible journey over the last 8 years.

  • Intimacy With God

    Episode 12

    Jon speaks to Michael Da Costa, senior pastor of New Nation Destiny Centre, about how we can have intimate conversations with God.