At Home with God

At Home with God

2 Seasons

Join Olly and Helen Goldenberg as they discuss with guests and parents how we can help our children to grow in their faith at home. Download the free workbook accompanying the series at

At Home with God
  • God at the Heart of the Home

    Episode 1

    Olly and Helen Goldenberg introduce the series, welcoming Rachel Turner from Parenting for Faith Pioneer, to discuss bringing God into the centre of family life.

  • The Power of Blessing

    Episode 2

    What would happen if we intentionally speak God's blessings over our family home? Olly and Helen speak to Messianic Jew, Rev. Ralph Goldenberg, to find out.

  • Passing on our Values

    Episode 3

    Olly and Helen sit down with Christian leader and missionary, Curtis Clewett, to discuss how we can strengthen our family and pass on our values.

  • Sharing the Word Together

    Episode 4

    Busy family life? Author Karen Allen shares with Olly and Helen, her wisdom and experience on how we can make space and time for God.

  • When your Child Hits a Faith Bump

    Episode 5

    All kinds of things can take our children off track. Join Olly & Helen Goldenberg as they discuss with Kings Kids leaders Andy and Cath Kennedy how to bring authentic encouragement to our children during times of doubt.

  • Helping your Child Connect with God

    Episode 6

    Rachel Turner joins Olly and Helen on the sofa again to look further into how we can inspire our children to desire a genuine relationship and intimate connection with Father God.

  • Children and the Supernatural

    Episode 7

    Ever been on a treasure hunt for Jesus? Olly and Helen are joined by kids pastor Dave Pavey who shares his experiences of witnessing the Holy Spirit moving powerfully in and through children's lives.

  • Praying Together as a Family

    Episode 8

    How can we create a lifestyle of prayer with our family? Olly & Helen Goldenberg speak to YWAM missionaries, Phil and Barbara Hawksley, about their family experiences of praying and listening to God.

  • Remembering God's Faithfulness

    Episode 9

    Andy and Cath Kennedy sit down again with Olly & Helen Goldenberg on the sofa and share how we can regularly remind ourselves and our children of God's faithfulness.

  • Worship in the Home

    Episode 10

    How can we honour and glorify God in our family life? Join Olly & Helen Goldenberg as they discuss with pastors Dom and Loo Bird about how we can create a Godly atmosphere and environment for our children.

  • Facing the Storms Together

    Episode 11

    What do we do as a family in times of crisis? Author and minister Karen Allen shares with Olly and Helen her experience as a single parent to five children.

  • Ministering with your Childen

    Episode 12

    What does ministering to our children look like in a local church context? Olly and Helen are joined by Eewie and Fatima Chen, who share their experiences encouraging their children to serve at church and on mission trips.