Workplace Church

Workplace Church

7 Seasons

Richard Fleming invites you to discover how to fulfil your call and destiny as a Christian in the workplace.

Workplace Church
  • Walking Out Your Destiny - Part 1

    Episode 1

    Ep 13: Richard Fleming is joined by Matt Parfitt from Grace Enterprises, to hear how he is fulfilling his calling to be a workplace minister.

  • Walking Out Your Destiny - Part 2

    Episode 2

    Ep 14: Richard Fleming welcomes back Matt Parfitt as he shares how he has faced the challenges put in front of him in his journey to complete what God has called him to do.

  • Walking Out Your Destiny - Part 3

    Episode 3

    Ep 15: Richard Fleming explores the work of the spirit realm so that we can see the world as it really is in order to co-labour with God in the workplace and market place.

  • An Exhortation Message To Workplace Ministers

    Episode 4

    Ep 16: Richard Fleming provides an overview of the series so far to focus on Jesus' life in the workplace.

  • Walking Out Your Destiny - Part 4

    Episode 5

    Ep 17: Richard Fleming teaches on how we can recognise strongholds and hinderances that we might encounter as we progress in our walk with God towards our destiny.

  • Walking Out Your Destiny - Part 5

    Episode 6

    Ep 18: Richard Fleming invites Phil and Lawrie Davies from Sporting Marvels to share how they indentified where God was telling them to be.

  • Walking Out Your Destiny - Part 6

    Episode 7

    Ep 19: Richard Fleming covers how God resources us to walk out our call. Phil and Lawrie Davies return to discuss this topic in regards to their own workplace church.

  • Walking Out Your Destiny Case Study - Sporting Marvels

    Episode 8

    Ep 20: Richard Fleming meets with Phil and Lawrie Davies to learn more about their workplace church, Sporting Marvels.