Transformation Moments

Transformation Moments

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Join City Chapel Pastors Abbiih and Jonathan Oloyede as they bring you daily devotionals that will transform and elevate your spiritual journey.

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Transformation Moments
  • Joshua - Part 1

    Episode 25

    Jonathan talks about one of his favourite biblical characters, Joshua, and how he represents victorius Christian life

  • Prophetic Discernment

    Episode 26

    Abbiih shares how we can differentiate between right and wrong and good and evil with the gift of discernment.

  • Joshua - Part 2

    Episode 27

    Jonathan Oloyede shares that when we have big decisions to make about our relationships, our careers, or where we live, as Christians we should make sure we are walking in step with God's will for our lives.

  • The Prophetic Office

    Episode 28

    Abbiih Oloyede looks at the primary function of a prophet and the reasons why Jesus was known as a prophet.

  • Joshua - Part 3

    Episode 29

    Jonathan Oloyede explores the divine specific instructions from God that were given to Joshua for the battle of Jericho.

  • Prophetic Dreams

    Episode 30

    Does God speak to us in dreams? Abbiih Oloyede explores how a supernatural night vision can brings insight to a situation.

  • Possessing The Land

    Episode 31

    Jonathan Oloyede explores how the story of the Israelites finding the promised land compares to our own walk of faith today, as we learn to return to living righteously after like the Israelites we sin.

  • Prophetic Visions

    Episode 32

    God uses visions to communicate with people. Abbiih Oloyede explores how God desires to further His plan and offer us information.

  • Deborah

    Episode 33

    Jonathan Oloyede talks about the Bible character of Deborah and how she rose to become a leader of men.

  • Are All Prophetic Words From God?

    Episode 34

    Abbiih speaks on what to do when our interpretation of a vision is not accurate

  • Gideon
    Episode 35


    Episode 35

    Jonathan talks about his admiration for Gideon, the local lad who becomes a hero.

  • Prophetic Words Long Standing Issues

    Episode 36

    Abbiih Oloyede teaches on how prophetic words are used to encouage and build up the body of Christ.

  • Samson - Part 1

    Episode 37

    Jonathan Oloyede talks about some of the weaknesses Samson had, and how we should not be led by our feelings.

  • Prophetic Word - Emotional Responses

    Episode 38

    Abbiih Oloyede offers us practical advice to refocus our thoughts after we experience an amygdala hijacking.

  • Samson - Part 2

    Episode 39

    Jonathan Oloyede speaks on how we should grow in discipline and take responsibility as leaders.

  • Genesis 1:26-28

    Episode 40

    Abbiih looks at how we were created to have relationship with one another and why we should engage our mind system as well as the spiritual system.

  • Ruth - Part 1

    Episode 41

    Jonathan looks at the example of Ruth and her story of redemption despite a bad start.

  • Revelation 12:11

    Episode 42

    Pastor Abbiih encourages us to share our own testimony as it is an eyewitness of account of deliving and saving power of Jesus

  • Ruth - Part 2

    Episode 43

    God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Jonathan Oloyede describes how humility makes us more submissive to the will of God.

  • Prophetic Insights

    Episode 44

    Abbiih encourages us not to panic if we receive visions from God by reminding us of the example of Daniel.

  • Eli
    Episode 45


    Episode 45

    Jonathan speaks on the importance for parents to instill discipline on their children and that we should ask God for wisdom.

  • Prophetic Insights - Keys to Interpretation

    Episode 46

    Abbiih gives us some practical tips for interpreting dreams.

  • Solomon

    Episode 47

    What should we ask God for? Jonathan Oloyede looks at what King Solomon asked God for and what he was given.

  • Prophetic Insights - Stewardship

    Episode 48

    Stewarding what we have carefully means more can be given to us. Abbiih Oloyede shares how stewardship expresses our obedience to God.