Transformation Moments

Transformation Moments

3 Seasons

Join City Chapel Pastors Abbiih and Jonathan Oloyede as they bring you daily devotionals that will transform and elevate your spiritual journey.

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Transformation Moments
  • Her Personal Development

    Episode 26

    Step out! Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to continue growing and developing our mind, body and soul.

  • Her Husband

    Episode 22

    Marriage is hard work. Abbiih Oloyede offers some top tips for wives and husbands in their relationships.

  • Work from Rest Rather than Rest from Work

    Episode 27

    Rest is a gift from God. Jonathan Oloyede teaches on the importance of taking a sabbath rest in Christ.

  • Her Temperament

    Episode 28

    What is our temperament like? Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to become more self aware to understand ourselves better and work on different areas in our life.

  • To Lead You Must Be Led

    Episode 29

    What makes a great leader? Jonathan Oloyede shares principles of good and effective leadership.

  • Her Children

    Episode 30

    Our actions leave marks on our children's souls. Abbiih Oloyede explores the ways we can be supportive parents to our children.