Transformation Moments

Transformation Moments

3 Seasons

Join City Chapel Pastors Abbiih and Jonathan Oloyede as they bring you daily devotionals that will transform and elevate your spiritual journey.

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Transformation Moments
  • Mentoring

    Episode 25

    It is great to gain advice from the experiences of others. Abbiih Oloyede speaks about the benefits of being mentored and mentoring others.

  • Prayer
    Episode 26


    Episode 26

    Prayer should be enjoyable. Jonathan Oloyede shares how we can effectively connect with God and invite God to connect with us.

  • Perspective

    Episode 27

    Are we aware of our perspective? Abbiih Oloyede challenges us to make sure we develop our knowledge and understanding to balance our perspective.

  • The Mind of God

    Episode 28

    What does God think about us? Jonathan Oloyede describes how we can download spiritual information and be successful in God's destiny for us.

  • Smile

    Smiling is a form of therapy. Abbiih Oloyede delves into what the scriptures says about laughter and joy.

  • Coincidences Happen When You Pray

    Episode 30

    Prayer takes us on exciting adventures. Jonathan Oloyede encourages us to never stop interceding and praying.