The Treasures of Grace

The Treasures of Grace

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Emmanuel Ziga is the Evangelist and President of Grace For All Nations Ministries International, and Senior Pastor and Founder of The Grace Alliance Church.

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The Treasures of Grace
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd - Part 1


    Emmanuel Ziga takes an in depth look at Psalm 23 and the life of King David.

  • The Lord Is My Shepherd - Part 2

    Episode 100

    Why was David anointed as king 3 times? Emmanuel Ziga looks at the life of David and Psalm 23.

  • Shepherd Leadership - Part 1

    Episode 101

    Challenges can actually draw us closer to God. Emmanuel Ziga speaks on King David's leadership experiences.

  • Shepherd Leadership - Part 2

    Episode 102

    Leadership is key to everything we do. Emmanuel Ziga compares the Godly leadership described in Psalm 23 to worldly leadership.

  • Shepherd Leadership - Part 3

    Episode 103

    We are subject to the systems of God. Emmanuel Ziga talks about the culture of leadership and networking.

  • Shepherd Leadership - Covering - Part 1

    Episode 104

    How can we connect to the power of God? Emmanuel ZIga shares wisdom on the principle of being covered by God.

  • Shepherd Leadership - Covering - Part 2

    Episode 105

    The language of the word of God is powerful and everlasting. Emmanuel Ziga explores the strength we draw from God's covering.

  • Shepherd Leadership - Purpose - Part 1

    Episode 106

    God offers us the keys to fulfill His purpose for our lives. Emmanuel Ziga delves into the subject of pursuing God's purpose for our life.

  • Shepherd Leadership - Purpose - Part 2

    Episode 107

    Life is irrelevant without purpose. Emmanuel Ziga speaks on yielding to God and committing to fulfill God's purpose for us.

  • Faith Appreciation

    Episode 109

    Faith is a powerful Gift from God. Emmanuel Ziga explains how faith can expand and shrink like elastic and enables us to receive good gifts from God.

  • Overwhelmed - Part 1

    Episode 110

    We are designed for fellowship with God. Emmanuel Ziga considers the expectations of our gifts and callings for the purposes of God.

  • Overwhelmed - Part 2

    Episode 111

    What is it like to be overwhelmed by the glory of God each day? Emmanuel Ziga speaks on the life of John the Baptist.

  • Overwhelmed - Part 3

    Episode 112

    God spoke us into being. Emmanuel Ziga explores how God enables us to exceed all our expectations for His glory.

  • Third Baptism - Part 1

    Episode 113

    John the Baptist came to prepare the way for the Messiah. Emmanuel Ziga shares on the principles of baptism and repentance.

  • Third Baptism - Part 2

    Episode 114

    Jesus Christ is our ultimate example for our lives. Emmanuel Ziga dives into the account of Jesus' baptism.

  • The Power of Opportunity

    Episode 115

    God's opportunities are the best opportunities for our lives. Emmanuel Ziga explores how we can allow God to guide us and position us for His work.

  • The Power of Silver

    Episode 116

    Emmanuel Ziga unpacks the significance of silver and how it became key in the destiny of many different people in the Bible.

  • The Love of God

    Episode 117

    Love is essentially the first dimension of God. Emmanuel Ziga explains how God's presence is the very essence of love.

  • Love - First Dimension of God - Part 2

    Episode 118

    Emmanuel Ziga describes the powerful authority of the trinity and the reason God is described as Love Himself.

  • God is Love

    Episode 119

    Emmanuel Ziga continues on the topic of the love of God and explores how it changes us completely from the inside out.

  • Faith is Love

    Episode 120

    How does faith and love work together? Emmanuel Ziga shares how God's love is unbreakable and everlasting.

  • At The Cross

    Episode 121

    Through Jesus we have purpose. Emmanuel Ziga begins a short series on the topic of the incredible significance of the cross.

  • At The Cross - Part 2

    Emmanuel Ziga looks at what happened when Jesus died and the prophecies He fulfilled on the cross.

  • At The Cross - Part 3

    Episode 123

    Emmanuel Ziga explains why Jesus lowered and humbled himself while on the cross to accomplish everything God planned from the beginning of time.