The Treasures of Grace

The Treasures of Grace

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Emmanuel Ziga is the Evangelist and President of Grace For All Nations Ministries International, and Senior Pastor and Founder of The Grace Alliance Church.

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The Treasures of Grace
  • Spiritual Covering - Part 1

    Episode 20

    Covering is defined as a way of providing protection. Emmanuel Ziga delves into what the scriptures say about having a spiritual covering.

  • Spiritual Covering - Part 2

    Episode 21

    When on the front line, an army needs covering from the air force. Emmanuel Ziga looks at the principles of spiritual covering.

  • Spiritual Covering - Part 3

    Episode 22

    Spiritual covering is one of God's key ways of operating. Emmanuel Ziga discusses the impact of the Holy Spirit bringing provision and protection to a situation.

  • Spiritual Covering - Part 4

    Episode 23

    God set spiritual principals in the Bible so we can excel in life. Emmanuel Ziga challenges us to consider the spiritual atmosphere from which we operate and function.

  • Tapping Into Covering

    Episode 24

    God doesn't want to exclude us, but include us in His plans. Emmanuel Ziga unpacks how we can come under God's spiritual covering.

  • The Voice That is Called of God

    Episode 26

    God has always raised up voices to represent Him. Emmanuel Ziga invites us to be a people who listen to God and become a voice that God can speak through.

  • The Bride of Christ

    Episode 27

    Emmanuel Ziga shares in the revelation that we can be in such an intimate relationship with God, He desires to call us the bride of Christ.

  • The Gift of Man - Part 1

    Episode 28

    Christ is coming back soon. Emmanuel Ziga invites us to watch out for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit by dreams, visions and prophecies in the last days ahead of us.

  • The Gift of Man - Part 2

    Episode 29

    Desiring to have more of God and see what is next? Emmanuel Ziga encourages us to become well positioned by the Holy Spirit for God to use us.

  • The Gift of Man - Part 3

    Episode 30

    God always has something new for us. Emmanuel Ziga shares on how important preparation is for us as Christians.

  • Commitment - Part 3

    Episode 33

    Why should we be faithful? Emmanuel Ziga speaks on the benefits of commitment to God. ...

  • Help - Part 3

    Episode 36

    If we trust in the Lord, we can guarantee help will come to us. Emmanuel Ziga looks at how the Holy Spirit comforts and helps us.

  • Full Price

    Episode 37

    Leadership comes with responsibility. Emmanuel Ziga preaches on how to prevent us from not falling into the trap of falling for the agenda of the enemy.

  • Wisdom for Living Grace

    Episode 38

    Wisdom comes from obeying the Word of God. Emmanuel Ziga delves into generational obedience and how we can find out what is in God's heart.