The Treasures of Grace

The Treasures of Grace

5 Seasons

Emmanuel Ziga is the Evangelist and President of Grace For All Nations Ministries International, and Senior Pastor and Founder of The Grace Alliance Church.

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The Treasures of Grace
  • Spiritual Shift

    Ready for a spiritual shift and fresh inspiration? Emmanuel Ziga preaches on the stories of the different Josephs' in the Bible.

  • Born to Be a Leader

    Episode 2

    We do not go to school to learn how to be leaders. Emmanuel Ziga inspires us that God designs us to be leaders before we were born.

  • Signs of the Times

    Episode 3

    Know what God is saying? Emmanuel Ziga shares on Jesus experience with the religious leaders of the time.

  • Anointing for Industry

    Episode 4

    When God raises people up, the Holy Spirit is working. Emmanuel Ziga teaches on the mountain moving power of God.

  • The Power of God's Love

    Episode 5

    One thing we can hold onto is the love of God. Emmanuel Ziga delves into understanding the indescribable love of God.

  • Life Matters

    Episode 6

    Life is the reason vision and dreams exist. Emmanuel Ziga challenges us to look at our future and our vision for it.

  • Covenant of Fire

    Episode 7

    How do we see God? Emmanuel Ziga shares on the story of Abraham and God's promises to him.

  • Kingdom Miracles

    Episode 8

    How can we make room for miracles? Emmanuel Ziga shares how, as Christians, we are vessels for God to use us.

  • Prayer Life of Jesus

    Episode 10

    Jesus is the model for our faith. Emmanuel Ziga speaks on developing our prayer life.

  • Prevailing Wisdom

    Earthly wisdom doesn't stand the test of time. Emmanuel Ziga delves into the book of Proverbs for wisdom from God.

  • Jesus, a Man of Prayer

    Episode 14

    Prayer is like a divine engine. Emmanuel Ziga speaks on the power of prayer.

  • Patience and Prayer

    Episode 15

    Are we mature enough for a miracle? Emmanuel Ziga explains how our faith can get stretched by God, while we are waiting for our prayer to be answered.