The Art of Loving Well

The Art of Loving Well

3 Seasons

Wolfgang Eckleben is the pastor of Every Nation London. Join him as he teaches about how to experience God's prodigal love.

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The Art of Loving Well
  • Knowing God

    Episode 1

    Our story starts with God. Wolfgang Eckleben looks at the meaning of the word 'prodigal' and the parables Jesus shared.

  • How To Experience God's Prodigal Love

    Episode 2

    God is ready to welcome us home with open arms.Wolfgang Eckleben delves deeper into the story of the 'Prodigal Son' and the Father who loved him.

  • There Is A Way Home

    Episode 3

    There is no place like home. Wolfgang Eckleben looks at how Jesus describes the love the Father shows his son when he returns home in the story of the Prodigal Son.

  • Father, I Have Sinned

    Episode 4

    We all fall short of God's expectations. Wolfgang Eckleben teaches on the restoration Father God brings us through, when we come to Him for forgiveness.

  • Receiving The Father's Gifts of Grace - Part 1

    Episode 5

    Why is covenant so important? Wolfgang Eckleben unpacks the meaning of the gifts the Father gives the Prodigal Son in the parable Jesus told.

  • Receiving The Father's Gifts of Grace - Part 2

    Episode 6

    God is generous in his love and grace for us. Wolfgang Eckleben explores the moment the Father embraces the Prodigal Son as he returns home.

  • Receiving The Father's Gifts of Grace - Part 3

    God is with us, leading us in His authority and victory. Wolfgang Eckleben looks at God promises for our lives.

  • Receiving The Father's Gifts of Grace - Part 4

    Heaven rejoices when we come home to God. Wolfgang Eckleben describes the way God lavishes his delight in us.