TBN Selects: Tom Limebear

TBN Selects: Tom Limebear

6 Episodes

Join Tom Limebear as he speaks messages that will encourage, challenge and equip you to wholeheartedly follow Jesus in your daily life.

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TBN Selects: Tom Limebear
  • I Feel Overwhelmed

    Episode 1

    Tom Limebear share how we can exchange our weaknesses of feeling anxious, stressed or exahusted, with God's almighty power.

  • The Cross Means we are Loved

    Episode 2

    How do we view the cross of Jesus Christ? Tom Limebear takes us through understanding God's sacrificial love for us.

  • God the Father, Not God the Boss

    Episode 3

    Ever lost something valuable? Tom Limebear takes a deeper look at the parables Jesus told about the lost sheep, lost coin and lost son.

  • Goodbye Shame

    Episode 4

    Shame is the enemy of our freedom. Tom Limebear shares how we can accept the freedom that Christ has won on our behalf on the cross.

  • Declare and Decree

    Episode 5

    What happens when we receive a prophetic word from God? Tom Limebear walks us through how to plan for God's will to come to pass.

  • God Knows Your Name

    Episode 6

    We are often bombarded by negative messages about ourselves every day. Tom Limebear encourages us that we are known, loved and created by God.