TBN Presents: Stephen Foster

TBN Presents: Stephen Foster

4 Episodes

A 4-part series looking at the teaching of Jesus unlocks some of life’s major challenges, including worry, failure, enemies, judging others, anger and forgiveness.

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TBN Presents: Stephen Foster
  • Don't waste your failure


    Stephen Foster shares on how we can face the gap between what we expect and how things actually turn out.

  • Don't waste your trial

    Episode 2

    Stephen looks at the challenges we might face in our lives and how we can approach them and respond to them to grow our faith.

  • How to Love your Enemies

    Episode 3

    Pastor Stephen asks how do we respond to our enemies and how can we love them?

  • How to Judge Less, Love more

    Episode 4

    Stephen looks at the difference between sitting in judgement on a person and coming into the right discernment about situations.