TBN Presents: Mitch

TBN Presents: Mitch

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Join Mitch from Crown Jesus Ministries as he unpacks some the of essentials of evangelism and motivates us to go out into the mission of God with power and authority'

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TBN Presents: Mitch
  • What Is Evangelism?


    Evangelist Mitch, co-founder of Crown Jesus Ministries, starts a new series of talks titled "The School of Evangelism".

  • What Is An Evangelist?

    Episode 2

    Mitch continues his series on the school of evangelism by looking at what is the work of an evangelist.

  • What Is The Gospel?

    Episode 3

    Mitch continues the school of evangelism series by looking at the Gospel - its meaning, and biblical examples, and practical applications of sharing it.

  • Sharing Your Best Testimony

    Episode 4

    In the fourth part of Mitch's school of evangelism, he takes a look at testimoneis - what is a testimony, and how do we share it?

  • Methods of Evangelism

    Episode 5

    Mitch concludes the series on the school of evangelism by looking at how we can put into practice what we've learnt in this series.