TBN Presents Mark Marx

TBN Presents Mark Marx

8 Episodes

Learning to walk with Jesus through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

TBN Presents Mark Marx
  • How Healing Comes

    Episode 1

    Mark Marx, pioneer of Healing on the Streets ministry, introduces the series and encourages us to follow Jesus' example as we look at His ministry of healing the sick.

  • Anchoring Your Faith For Healing

    Episode 2

    It is incredible when Jesus heals. Mark Marx speaks on how we can learn and discern from our experiences and anchor our faith in the truth of the Bible.

  • How To Carry His Presence

    Episode 3

    When we gather together, God's presence is there. Mark Marx shares his personal testimony and the way the Holy Spirit impacted him.

  • Releasing The Presence Of The Holy Spirit

    Episode 4

    Is our full attention on Jesus? Mark Marx shares the story of the woman who broke her alabaster jar of perfume over Jesus' feet and the healing she experienced.

  • How To Grow Your Faith

    Episode 5

    When we were very young we would believe anything our parents told us. Mark Marx challenges us to have a childlike faith to trust in everything that Jesus says.

  • Walking In Authority

    Episode 6

    How can we walk in the authority Jesus? Mark Marx explains how the church can step into the authority that Jesus gives to drive out evil spirits and heal every disease.

  • How To Heal The Sick

    Episode 7

    God loves to heal and it is in His nature! Mark Marx shares the different ways that Jesus and the disciples healed the sick, covering the words, actions and authority that can be used.

  • How To Step Into The Impossible

    Episode 8

    Jesus can set us free! Mark Marx reminds us that faith without action is a dead faith, he encourages us to listen to the Holy Spirit and be obedient.