TBN Presents: Kemi Koleoso

TBN Presents: Kemi Koleoso

8 Episodes

Kemi Koleoso aims to draw you closer to God by giving fresh revelation of His person and power. Looking into the Bible to see what God says about himself, helping us to grow in our walk with the Almighty God.

TBN Presents: Kemi Koleoso
  • Knowing God: The God Who Sees


    God doesn't see the same way we do. Kemi Koleoso takes a deeper look at the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar and how God revealed himself as "the God who sees me".

  • Knowing God: The Voice Of God

    Episode 2

    We serve a God who is not silent. Kemi Koleoso explores the various ways God speaks to us through His creation and through the Word of God.

  • Knowing God: God's Mighty Hand

    Episode 3

    Kemi Koleoso teaches on the importance of touch and the authority of God's hand.

  • Knowing God: The Fathers Heart

    Episode 4

    Kemi Koleoso concludes the series on the physical attributes of our mighty God, by looking at God's Heart.

  • Living By Faith: Journey of Faith

    Episode 5

    Our faith and trust in God needs to be like that of a child. Kemi Koleoso looks at the faith of Jochebed, the mother of Moses who trusted God when letting go of her son.

  • Living By Faith: Defeating Doubts

    Episode 6

    We can all doubt our faith at times. Kemi Koleoso shares some strategies for helping our unbelief, especially when we are waiting and hoping for prayers to be answered.

  • Living By Faith: Fighting Fear

    Episode 7

    God is our refuge and strength! Kemi Koleoso shares a message on living out a fearless faith.

  • Knowing God: Living By Faith

    Episode 8

    Pastor Kemi concludes this series of messages with a word of encouragement for us to continue living by faith.