TBN Presents: Doug Williams

TBN Presents: Doug Williams

3 Seasons

Doug Williams tackles how we can grow stronger in our faith and help us find the keys to push beyond mediocre Christian living, and step into the courage it takes to grow.

TBN Presents: Doug Williams
  • Growing Stronger: Repentance from Dead Works

    Episode 1

    Doug Williams introduces the series and looks at the differences between remorse, regret and true repentance for our sin.

  • Growing Stronger: Faith Towards God

    Episode 2

    Grace is amazing. Doug Williams describes the confident assurance we can have in God for our salvation.

  • Growing Stronger: Water Baptism

    Episode 3

    Getting baptised with water is an important profession of our faith. Doug Williams explains the benefits of believers baptism and looks at the example of the Ethiopian eunuch, who got baptised in the book of Acts.

  • Growing Stronger: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

    Episode 4

    Ever been saturated in God's holy power? Doug Williams shares the reasons for being baptised in the Holy Spirit and the boldness and confidence it can give us to share the Gospel.

  • Growing Stronger: Fellowship and Community

    Episode 5

    We are not called to be Christians to do everything on our own. Doug Williams takes a look at the early church and how they embraced family and community life with their fellow believers.

  • Growing Stronger: Getting Good Teaching

    Episode 6

    The early Christians were committed and in pursuit of teaching. Doug Williams encourages us to spend quality time studying God's Word.

  • Growing Stronger: Communion

    Episode 7

    Breaking bread is such an important part of our worship. Doug Williams speaks about the intimacy cultivated when we take the Lord's supper in understanding and faith.

  • Growing Stronger: Prayer

    Episode 8

    Doug Williams delves into the book of Acts, seeing how the early Christians prayed on all occasions. The keys to a good prayer life are praying in secrecy, solitude and sincerity.

  • Growing Stronger: Prayer Power

    Episode 9

    How do we devote ourselves to prayer? Doug Williams takes us through a study on 'the Lord's Prayer' and how Jesus taught us to pray.

  • Growing Stronger: Being a Generous Giver

    Episode 10

    Are we content when we have enough? Doug Williams reminds us that everything belongs to God and anytime he can require us to give to those in need.