TBN Presents: David Peterson

TBN Presents: David Peterson

3 Seasons

Reverend David Peterson conveys a revitalising series looking at how we should stay connected to God in a fun and encouraging way.

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TBN Presents: David Peterson
  • Trust

    Episode 1

    Rev David Peterson introduces himself and the series, beginning with looking at the life of Daniel in the Bible, and how we can trust God while using our gifts and talents.

  • God's Opinion

    Episode 2

    Who's opinion is more valuable? David Peterson delves deeper into the life of King David and the way he valued God's opinion above everyone else's.

  • Speak Life

    Episode 3

    David Peterson reads from the book of Ezekiel and explores how he transitioned from being a priest to becoming a prophet of God.

  • I Can't Handle the Pressure

    Episode 4

    Elijah is known for the 'Mount Carmel moment', yet even he experienced depression. David Peterson reminds us that God can turn around impossible situations.

  • Fools For Christ

    Episode 5

    Dedication to Christ can make us look like we are crazy sometimes. David Peterson looks at the example of the apostle Paul and how he turned from persecuting Christians to being sold out for Jesus.

  • No One is Perfect

    Episode 6

    Tackling the topic of hypocrisy, David Peterson examines the life of Peter, who despite walking on water with Jesus, got it wrong sometimes but never gave up preaching the Gospel.

  • A Different Touch

    Episode 7

    Want a fresh touch of God? David Peterson looks at how the woman with the issue of blood pushed through crowds to reach Jesus to receive healing.

  • Obedience

    Episode 8

    Sometimes, we just do not want to do what we are told. David Peterson preaches that God calls us to obedience, so that we can move into all the amazing things that He has for us.