TBN Presents: Andy Waddams

TBN Presents: Andy Waddams

4 Episodes

In this series, Pastor Andy explores how in God we are loved, creative, powerful, and joyful people. Believing we can be transformed by the way we think Andy, encourages us that these qualities are first found in God and then revealed through us.

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TBN Presents: Andy Waddams
  • You Are Loved

    Episode 1

    The foundation of our faith is God's love. Andy Waddams delves into getting to know God's perfect love personally, through the parables Jesus told.

  • You Are Creative

    Episode 2

    Pastor Andy reminds us that we are creative beings with the spark of our creative God inside us.

  • You are Powerful

    Episode 3

    God is powerful! Andy Waddams prays we receive a revelation about how Jesus enables us to be powerful in His name.

  • You are Joyful

    Episode 4

    Can we be happy and a Christian? Andy Waddams encourages us that we can experience pure joy with God!