TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland

TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland

2 Seasons

Join Andrew Scotland as he explores what it means to walk in the Kingdom of God.

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TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland
  • King of the mountain

    Episode 1

    Jesus is the King! Andrew Scotland delves into the genealogy of Jesus to see what we can learn from it.

  • Like… Marmite

    Episode 2

    Is too much of a good thing bad? Andrew Scotland looks at the life and decisions of King Herod, and how he was so desperate to hold onto his throne.

  • He Has Left a Light On

    Episode 3

    God wants us to walk in the light. Andrew Scotland reminds us that Jesus went through utter darkness so that we can live in the light.

  • The Exam... Testing for The King

    Episode 4

    God has called us into a royal priesthood. Andrew Scotland teaches we can face times of testing, to reveal who we are and how we lead.

  • Like Salt

    Episode 5

    Jesus has called us to be His representatives on Earth. Andrew Scotland looks at how we should be like salt, that can preserve life and also destroy that which is from the enemy.

  • Like Sheep

    Episode 6

    God is looking for people with willing hearts. Andrew Scotland explores why Jesus likens us to sheep that should follow Him.

  • An Audience of One

    Episode 7

    Our priority should be to please God. Andrew Scotland speaks on how we should seek God first, and do all that we do for Him.

  • Binary

    Episode 8

    We can be either for or against God. Andrew Scotland teaches we should be ambitious for Jesus and not for ourselves.

  • What Do We Want?

    Episode 9

    What is our hearts desire set on? Andrew Scotland challenges us to question if our hearts are desiring the things of heaven or earth.

  • Kindness Matters

    Episode 10

    The Bible tells us to love our enemies. Andrew Scotland studies the sacrificial loving-kindness of Christ.

  • The Stone Was Rolled Away

    Episode 11

    Death was conquered once and for all. Andrew Scotland explores how we now have access to God because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Standing In The Light

    Episode 12

    What we can learn from the story of Sampson? Andrew Scotland looks at Sampson's relationship with God and how he ends up breaking the Nazarite vow.

  • The Honey Trap

    Episode 13

    Too much of a good thing, is not good for us. Andrew Scotland shares how we should desire after the things of God and not the world.