TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland

TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland

2 Seasons

Join Andrew Scotland as he explores what it means to walk in the Kingdom of God.

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TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland
  • An Audience of One

    Episode 1

    Our priority should be to please God. Andrew Scotland speaks on how we should seek God first, and do all that we do for Him.

  • Binary

    Episode 2

    We can be either for or against God. Andrew Scotland teaches we should be ambitious for Jesus and not for ourselves.

  • What Do We Want?

    Episode 3

    What is our hearts desire set on? Andrew Scotland challenges us to question if our hearts are desiring the things of heaven or earth.

  • Kindness Matters

    Episode 4

    The Bible tells us to love our enemies. Andrew Scotland studies the sacrificial loving-kindness of Christ.

  • The Stone Was Rolled Away

    Episode 5

    Death was conquered once and for all. Andrew Scotland explores how we now have access to God because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Standing In The Light

    Episode 6

    What we can learn from the story of Sampson? Andrew Scotland looks at Sampson's relationship with God and how he ends up breaking the Nazarite vow.

  • The Honey Trap

    Episode 7

    Too much of a good thing, is not good for us. Andrew Scotland shares how we should desire after the things of God and not the world.