TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland

TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland

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Join Andrew Scotland as he explores what it means to walk in the Kingdom of God.

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TBN Presents: Andrew Scotland
  • Content In Him


    We all desire an inner sense of peace. Andrew Scotland teaches that if we devote time to God, we will find contentment in Him.

  • In Your Hands

    Episode 18

    God wants glory. Andrew Scotland studies the story of Gideon and how God delivered victory into the hands of the Israelite army.

  • Beating Heart

    Episode 17

    What is the rhythm of life that we need? Andrew Scotland looks at the commandment to love God with all our heart.

  • The Keeper Who Saves Souls

    Episode 1

    God knows us so intimately. Andrew Scotland explores how God works all things for the good of those who love Him.

  • Love and Understanding

    Episode 2

    Jesus never separated love and understanding. Andrew Scotland shares how God desires us to become more Christlike.

  • The Pick & Mix

    Episode 3

    We cannot customize the Gospel for our own benefit. Andrew Scotland reminds us that God gave us faith as a gift.

  • Saved From An Ego

    Episode 4

    Do we compare ourselves too much to others? Andrew Scotland explains how we need to have more of an importance of Christ in us, rather than our own self-esteem.

  • Bound By Grace

    Episode 5

    We prize and value freedom so much. Andrew Scotland unpacks Romans 6 and what it means to be under grace instead of the law.

  • Raining Arrows

    Episode 6

    We are involved in spiritual warfare. Andrew Scotland preaches we are called by God to be His children, like arrows in the hands of a warrior.

  • Scroll And Stone

    Episode 7

    Andrew Scotland takes us through the prophecies of Jesus opening the scroll in Revelation chapter 5.

  • Decaffeinate

    Episode 8

    We can all get too busy, stressed out and anxious about the needs of others. Andrew Scotland encourages us to be stimulated by the voice of God.

  • Footsteps In The Sand

    Episode 9

    Life can be unstable yet we are called to walk with God our Rock. Andrew Scotland reads the famous poem 'Footprints in the Sand' and shares what he has learnt from it.

  • Spirit Of The Word

    Episode 10

    When the Holy Spirit comes, the Word of God comes. Join Andrew Scotland shares how the Spirit is involved with communicating the Word of God.

  • Miracle Scandal (CHRISTMAS)

    Episode 11

    Re-visiting the story of the birth of Jesus, Andrew Scotland talks about the scandal associated with the Christmas story.

  • Willing On The Day

    Episode 12

    God has always been interacting with humanity. Andrew Scotland challenges us to be ready and willing servants of God.

  • Grand Design

    Episode 13

    We are made in the image of God. Andrew Scotland encourages us that we are designed for a highly intimate relationship with God.

  • Fields Of Gold

    Episode 14

    Andrew Scotland explains how the true harvest we reap is the way we touch people with the love of God through our relationships with them.

  • Childlike Maturity

    Episode 15

    Andrew Scotland discusses the oxymoron of the fact that in the Christian faith we are called to become mature in our faith but also childlike.

  • King of the mountain


    Jesus is the King! Andrew Scotland delves into the genealogy of Jesus to see what we can learn from it.

  • Like… Marmite


    Is too much of a good thing bad? Andrew Scotland looks at the life and decisions of King Herod, and how he was so desperate to hold onto his throne.

  • He Has Left a Light On


    God wants us to walk in the light. Andrew Scotland reminds us that Jesus went through utter darkness so that we can live in the light.

  • The Exam... Testing for The King


    God has called us into a royal priesthood. Andrew Scotland teaches we can face times of testing, to reveal who we are and how we lead.

  • Like Salt


    Jesus has called us to be His representatives on Earth. Andrew Scotland looks at how we should be like salt, that can preserve life and also destroy that which is from the enemy.

  • Like Sheep


    God is looking for people with willing hearts. Andrew Scotland explores why Jesus likens us to sheep that should follow Him.