TBN Presents: Alan Scotland

TBN Presents: Alan Scotland

3 Seasons

Join Alan Scotland, as he explores what it means to walk in the Kingdom of God.

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TBN Presents: Alan Scotland
  • Emancipation of the Heart Through Christ


    Join Alan Scotland, as he reads from Romans 10 and speaks on receiving freedom from sin in our heart, through Jesus Christ.

  • The Unfathomable Dimensions of God's Mercy

    Episode 2

    How can we show the grace of God? Alan Scotland teaches on authentic worship and presenting ourselves in view of God's mercy.

  • God is a Good Good Father

    Episode 3

    Our heavenly Father loves to look after us. Alan Scotland looks at the passage of Matthew 6 and how much our Father God values us and doesn't want us to worry.

  • Jesus The Outlaw

    Episode 4

    Jesus wasn't afraid to tell it like it was. Alan Scotland makes observations about how God exposes the weakness of humans in the Bible, so we can learn from them now and realise only He is perfect.

  • Hope in Times of Crisis

    Episode 5

    Is hope just wishful thinking? Alan Scotland explains how 'hope' is a solid anchor of conviction and belief that God can work all things for our good.

  • A Table Prepared

    Episode 6

    Does God really provide everything we need? Alan Scotland preaches on the hospitality of God.

  • Kingdom Conflict. Part 1.

    Episode 7

    God is committed to the establishment of his Kingdom on earth. Alan Scotland teaches on the governance of God in all of His creation.

  • Kingdom Conflict. Part 2.

    Episode 8

    There is so much hostility on the earth. Alan Scotland explains how we look at the irreconcilable difference between the kingdom of heaven and darkness.

  • Kingdom Conflict. Part 3.

    Episode 9

    Alan Scotland explores the roles of angels and demons in the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of darkness.

  • Along Came Jesus

    Episode 10

    Jesus is nearer to us than we think. Alan Scotland looks at how Jesus came to fulfill prophecy.

  • Made In The Spitting Image

    Episode 11

    To be spiritual is not to be superficial. Alan Scotland challenges us to have the hallmarks and traits of Jesus.

  • Greater Expectations (New Year)

    Episode 12

    Time to stop and assess what has past and what is to come. Alan Scotland encourages us that God holds the future.

  • Recapturing Our Heart

    Episode 13

    Alan Scotland reads from John chapter 20 and invites us to discover how God captivates our hearts with His love for us.

  • Hallmarks Of A Hidden Life In God

    Episode 14

    Who is our deliverer? Alan Scotland unpacks how God is our rock and fortress, looking at Psalm 31.

  • Encountering God In A Troubled Time

    Episode 15

    Overwhelmed by the storms of life? Alan Scotland revisits the story of Jairus’ daughter and the woman with the issue of blood.

  • The Changing Power of the Prophetic Word

    Episode 16

    How effective is God's Word? Alan Scotland unpacks prophecy and speaking forth what God wants, which has the power to change our lives.

  • The Changing Power of the Prophetic Word Pt 2

    Episode 17

    Alan Scotland continues with the study on Ezekiel chapter 37 and experiencing the tangible presence of God.

  • Esteeming One Another

    Episode 18

    How should we treat one another? Alan Scotland looks at 3 John and how God desires us to show love and affection to others.

  • The Triumph of New Reality

    Episode 19

    Who is the Holy Spirit? Alan Scotland unpacks what the administration of the Holy Spirit looks like in the life of the believer.

  • The Hidden Boundaries

    Episode 20

    How can we learn to appreciate the good things of each generation? Alan Scotland encourages us to trust God as the seasons change.

  • Cultivating A Godly Community

    Episode 21

    Just drifting along in life and church? Alan Scotland shares how we can build up a people who seek to live their life for the good of others.

  • The Hidden Hand Of God

    Episode 22

    Like to think outside the box? Alan Scotland teaches on how God uses metaphors to express what He is all about.

  • Finding Solace In Communion with Christ

    Episode 23

    Relationship with Jesus is such a blessing and He is always at work in us. Alan Scotland takes a closer look at the story of Lazarus, who was raised to life.

  • Ascension; It's Relevance In The Age of Indifference

    Episode 24

    We need to take time to appreciate the significance of what Jesus achieved. Alan Scotland looks at how the spiritual and the physical work together.