TBN Presents: Abbiih Oloyede

TBN Presents: Abbiih Oloyede

8 Episodes

The Balanced Woman series will empower women from the various spheres of society to pursue their dreams, despite juggling different responsibilities. Every woman needs to be pragmatic, prophetic, practical, and prayerful!

TBN Presents: Abbiih Oloyede
  • The Balanced Woman

    Episode 1

    Sit back and relax as Pastor Abbiih Oloyede introduces this series; empowering women and enabling them to live a balanced life, relationally, spiritually and financially.

  • Her Spiritual Walk

    Episode 2

    Pastor Abbiih Oloyede invites us to explore our spiritual walk with Jesus Christ, and how we can stay steady in the face of turmoil and strife.

  • Her Devotion

    Episode 3

    How can we present our heart to the Lord? Pastor Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to be wholly devoted to God and meditate on His Word.

  • Her Mind

    Episode 4

    Fed up of mind games? Pastor Abbiih Oloyede explores the battleground of our thought process and how we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

  • Her Self Awareness

    Episode 5

    Want to discern strengths and weaknesses more effectively? Pastor Abbiih Oloyede examines how we can be consciously aware of our character and our feelings.

  • Her Relationships

    Episode 6

    Every single one of us need relationships. Pastor Abbiih Oloyede delves into the topic of our relationships with friends, family, colleagues and mentors.

  • Her Finances

    Episode 7

    Pastor Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to steward our finances well, and also deal with our money wisely and righteously.

  • Her Outlook

    Episode 8

    Change can be really difficult. Pastor Abbiih Oloyede teaches us how we can draw on the strength of God and be able to adapt to different circumstances.