Staying Power

Staying Power

13 Episodes

Join Pastor Sophia Barrett as she shares stories of breakthrough from everyday people as they unpack how they overcame their challenges through staying power.

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Staying Power
  • Julie Keir

    Episode 1

    Pastor Sophia Barrett is joined by Julie Keir who shares her journey of breakthrough after experiencing shame, blaming herself for family problems.

  • Jez Gledhill

    Episode 2

    What happens when other people's baggage becomes our own? Join Pastor Sophia Barrett as she sits down with Jez Gledhill who battled depression after taking on board other people's challenges.

  • Kathryn Durnham

    Episode 3

    Are we hiding behind a mask? Pastor Sophia Barrett talks to Kathryn Durnham about finding God's healing after the time she pushed herself too hard and became overwhelmed.

  • Lavina Goddard

    Episode 4

    Tired of having to be strong all the time? Join Pastor Sophia Barrett as she speaks to Lavina Goddard about becoming reliant on God's strength instead of her own.

  • Fiona Gosden

    Episode 5

    Feeling isolated and lonely? Join Pastor Sophia Barrett as she chats to Fiona Gosden about facing challenges of her disability and finding her true identity in Christ.

  • Michelle Steele & Alan Kelly

    Episode 6

    Pastor Sophia Barrett speaks to Michelle Steele and Alan Kelly about being diagnosed with bone marrow failure and experiencing God's incredible healing power.

  • Jakub Walasik

    Episode 7

    Ever felt unloved? Pastor Sophia Barrett talks to Jakub Walasik about experiencing God's overwhelming love after growing up knowing his parents didn't want him.

  • Emily Gordon

    Episode 8

    We can often question 'am I good enough?' Pastor Sophia Barrett hears from Emily Gordon about battling anxiety and how she learnt to lean on God's truth.

  • Dr Margaret Maloba

    Episode 9

    Searching for happiness? Join Pastor Sophia Barrett as she talks to Dr Margaret Maloba about God answering her prayers and going deeper in her healing.

  • Maryanne Petters

    Episode 10

    Pastor Sophia Barrett chats to Maryanne Petters about her journey of God's healing after a lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Paul and Zoe Reid

    Episode 11

    Sometimes we can be afraid to ask for help. Pastor Sophia Barrett speaks to Paul and Zoe Reid about overcoming financial crisis and becoming thankful to God despite their circumstances.

  • Paul Garner

    Episode 12

    God is a father to the fatherless. Pastor Sophia Barrett hears from Paul Garner about how he experienced the love of Father God after his own dad abandoned him.

  • Compassion Special

    Episode 13

    For this special episode, Pastor Sophia Barrett welcomes Liz and Peace, who graduated from the Compassion children's sponsorship programme.